How To Make A Landing Page Convert Better


So you’ve finally done it: you have a product, you have researched the keywords, reserved a budget for pay per click campaigns and you are now waiting to the cash to pour in.

Problem is, most of the time, the cash obtained will be scarce. So what can you do to increase sales? How do you make that landing page’s conversion rate increase?

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Step 1: Ensure Message Consistency

This is a very important step. Most of the time marketers focus too much on the shock value. They have ads promising a lot, the headline offering incredible benefits and then the copy reveals the not so impressive truth. This is the fastest way to lose a lead. Try to never over-promise and try to keep the tone consistent across the whole process.


Step 2: Have a Back-up Plan

PPC is without doubt the most effective traffic delivery system available. You won’t get better conversions with any other methods. This is why it is so important to make the most of these leads. They cost a pretty penny after all. The best way to do that is to ensure that you get their contact data. You will then be able to try persuasion tactics at will over a longer period. The way to achieve this is to offer a freebie and have an e-mail capture form.

Still, despite your best efforts, only a fraction of the leads will actually do anything desirable on that landing page. Another tactic to increase this percentage is to have a downsell, a cheaper offer. It usually comes in the shape of a trial version and it should be triggered when the user tries to navigate away from the page.

Step 3: Think in Terms of Usability

This is perhaps the most difficult task in this checklist. There are tomes written on this subject. But here are a few basics. First of all, look at your landing page and imagine that your readers can’t scroll down. Are they able to get all the relevant data and order the product? Now imagine that they can only read the bottom of the page. After that look at how paragraphs are clustered and how the graphics flow. Are there any readability issues? Ideally you should stick to short paragraphs and lists. On top of this there are also the issues of secondary feedback. These are basically changes that occur at mouse-over actions. The order button especially can benefit from this.

Step 4: Keep the Exit Points at a Minimum

People are explorers. They like to know more before buying or handing over their contact information. This is why having additional pages like “About Us“ is generally a good idea. Not for landing pages. Keep in mind that you only have a very short window of opportunity to persuade the lead to act in the desired fashion. Wasting that time on additional pages is a sure way to reduce conversions. Ideally the only link on the page should be the order button.

Step 5: Test, Test, Test

Split testing and multi-variate testing are terms that should already be in your vocabulary. Basically they allow you to test various versions of the landing page (split testing) or the impact of certain elements (multi-variate testing). Keep in mind that the more elements you have, the more traffic you’ll need to get any relevant results. Multi-variate testing in particular can be very demanding since the introduction of a single element increases the number of landing page alternatives exponentially. Still, if you truly wish to maximize the conversion rate, you will need to test, there’s no way around it.

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  1. Good points for squeeze pages. Try using videos to increase conversions. They are more engaging than reading sales copy thus keeping your squeeze pages short and sweet. Test out what video works best.
    Another point to test is giving away freebies. People love getting something of value for free:’Sign up now and get this $37 ebook at NO COST for a limited time!’. This adds urgency and let the customer feel in control of the sales process and in more of a buying mood for your upsale pages!

  2. Another tip: tracking and heat maps! They’ll make a world of difference when it comes to getting the highest possible CTR and CVR!


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