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There are over 250 million Tweets posted every single day, and the stats are even crazier for Facebook, at 4 billion items shared every day.

The question, that I found most important to answer here is, how can your Tweets the one that are read and retweeted. It just seems to be really hard to post multiple times to Twitter, at different times during the day to keep your followers posted with great updates.

Here is where Buffer comes in. It is a way to share content at optimal times on Twitter and Facebook without the hassle of scheduling your posts individually.

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How to post with Buffer

When you first sign up to Buffer, simply connect your Twitter and Facebook account to it. Simply hit one of the two buttons, you can always connect your other account later, by clicking the “add“ account button.

post with buffer

After your account is connected, you are already set to add to Tweets and Facebook posts to your Buffer. You don’t have to schedule them, but simply click “add to Buffer“. Buffer will then add them to the queue and post them for you at optimal times by default.

You will also find a bunch of Tweet suggestions for you, which are great quotes, you can drop into your Buffer right away. Simply click the “inspire me“ option and see if you find any interesting suggestions your followers might like.

tweet suggestion

When you are done with adding Tweets and Facebook posts, you can always go back to your queue. From there, you can edit Tweets, rearrange them or delete them if you want. Simply click the right button on the right hand side and adjust the queue whenever you want. This also works with the Android App, that is described a little further down.


How To Buffer Tweets Or FB Posts From Any Website For Maximum Exposure

The best way to use Buffer is with one of the browser extensions. You can either use Chrome, Safari, Firefox or the bookmarklet for that. It will add a little Buffer icon on the top right of your browser and you can click it whenever you want to add an article to your Buffer.

Then, you can edit the Tweet, or click “add to Buffer“ as well as “post now“. What I like to do here is to browse for a few minutes and add all the stuff I find into my Buffer, so I never flood my followers with too many Tweets. Oh and the browser extension also works seamlessly right inside your Google Reader.

google reader buffer

How To Buffer Retweets Right From

If you have one of the browser extensions for Buffer installed, you will also have a little “Buffer“ icon right inside from now on. You can click it whenever you want to retweet something and add the Tweet to your Buffer.

twitter tweet

If you click it, the normal Buffer box will appear. You can again, Tweet now, or add it to your FB or Twitter Buffer by “add to Buffer“. This allows me to retweet a lot of my followers at once, and helps me to interact with them more, without annoying anyone with too many retweets in a row.

buffer tweet

Adding The Buffer Button To Your Blog

As you can see on the Slodive blog on the lefthand side here, there is also a little Buffer button in the scrolling bar. It will allow users to add the article into their Buffer right away. As Buffer has shown to increase clicks on Tweets by 200%, I believe it is a great opportunity for bloggers to rake in more traffic to their site.


girl avatar

The easiest way to add your own button, is to get the Sharebar plugin, where you can add the Buffer button, very easily. You can also get the custom code snippet, to add the button anywhere on your blog.

With over 1000 blogs that have the button already installed it is spreading fast and super easy to put on any site.

How To Use Buffer From Your Mobile Phone and iPad

Of course, a lot of our Tweeting and news reading happens from our phones or from the iPad. With Buffer, one thing I like to use is the handy Android App. It allows you to add new Tweets to your Buffer right from any article via the share menu on your Android phone:


When you choose to “add to Buffer“ here, it takes you to the usual Buffer box on your Android phone. From there, you can easily choose the right account, you want your Tweet or Facebook post to go into.

buffer apple

For the iPad and iPhone, there is a great way to email in any Tweets or Facebook posts to your Buffer. This works basically from any App, like Pulse, Flipboard, Zite or others and also from any site that you are browsing on the iPad.

One way that I like to use this is whilst reading on my Flipboard or Pulse, as I can just hit the “send link via email button“ on any page I am reading:

share button tooltip

From then on, you will see your secret Buffer email, to which you can send the email too. Buffer automatically recognizes where your Tweets are coming from, and puts the subject line as the title of the Tweet. It also grabs the link from the body and shortens it for you.

So all you have to do is hit “send“ and a new Tweet lands in your Buffer. Handy right?

apple ipad

Find Out How Well Your Tweets and Facebook Posts Have Performed

As the last tip, you can take a look into the analytics section. Buffer will tell you for each of the Tweets you have sent, how many clicks, retweets and reach you have received. As of recently, for all Pro members, it will even record mentions and favorites and you can watch all stats happening in real time. People usually are active these days on social media like facebook, twitter and Instagram and doing business on it. Also some companies Buy Instagram Followers to reach more peoples and enhance their business presence online.


Bonus Tip: How To Schedule Your Retweets From Any Twitter Client

There is also a hidden trick for you to add any Tweet from anywhere to your Buffer as a retweet. It comes by connecting Buffer to another tool called Ifttt. By connecting the two together, it will allow you to favorite any Tweet. By doing this, it will add the Tweet as a retweet into your Buffer.

tweet and buffer app



So in short, Buffer is a smarter way for you to add everything you find to your queue for it to be shared automatically at the best times. The way I normally go about this is by spending a few minutes every morning, browsing my Twitter stream and favorite blogs. I then add everything into my Buffer. For the rest of my day Buffer will then post these great posts for me.

If you could do with a little help on making your Twitter and Facebook presence more successful, be sure to give Buffer a go – it’s free.

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  1. Agree that buffer is a great app, pls do mention that the free version supports only one account and ha limitations such as 4 scheduled posts per day and it holds three days of scheduled posts

  2. As a blogger, this will surely help me a lot since part of a successful blogging is to communicate and have a strong presence in Social Media.


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