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The latest update concerning Panda Google algorithm has created quite a stir among SEO experts, website entrepreneurs, and webmasters. The update made the search engine optimization experts shake and rattle about their SERPS positioning and internet marketing tactics in anticipation of the change in Google algorithm.

Some websites lost their page ranking and most of the website rankings were downgraded for a lot of unknown reasons. Although it has been a relief that Google did not ban the sites, the Google ranking humor scared a lot of experts.

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Google Algorithm Panda

The change was simple. It just made low quality type of writing more visible such as Wikipedia and other less popular sites because of its intention to include user feedback popularity. The dramatic change caught the webmasters and internet marketing experts in a stupor. Sites like the Ezine Articles suffered lowered traffic including other legitimate web pages with high quality content. Wikihow and eHow received lowered ranking. Those who had placed their backlinks on these lowered sites got hit. Attempts to remove and restore website ranking proved to be futile. The lowered sites’ juice was shared to those who are backlinking to them. The websites were having problems with international searches.


Recovering Backlinks’ Juices and Impact On Website Rankings From Google Panda

What is not fair and fair in lowering and upgrading website rankings? Only the men in black behind Google Panda knows. Still, they are not disclosing the reasons for all the right reasons. Here are some few techniques to make your site a favorite of Google’s robots as revealed by Amit Singhal and Matt Cutt.

One of the big factor in making Google robots turn their attention like the way a man turns his head seeing a sexy hot woman is trustworthy or reliability. How do Google Bots define reliability then? Google made a good survey asking human testers to disclose feedback about some sites including rating for trustworthiness. Two of the best questions are if they would be comfortable giving their credit card numbers to pay online purchases and if they would buy the medicines being endorsed by the website. SEO experts need to make their websites truly authoritative and not look like aggregators.

What is the purpose of putting and keeping your site live in the internet? Do you set it up for promotion alone? Do you have an ad overload? Web pages with excessive ads only have ads generation in mind. Google Singhal and Cutt guys advised that replacing the most important above the fold placement of ads with quality content may help you restore your website ranking. Although ads are a web page’ primarily form of income, the goal for the existence of the site should be providing a good resource for quality information.

Authoritative sites with quality content separates crap from best. This naturally eliminated content farms set up by SEO consultants and experts. Websites with duplicate content suffer zero ranking and not being found in the top of SERPS. Websites publishing low quality content suffer penalties.

Google Panda encouraged webmasters to scratch their heads this time providing the public with quality content.

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