Deals Dollars And Social Media


Social media is not just about updating Facebook. Social media campaigns have been used by large brand names to make money. This was done only with a clear planning and tactics. The only objective here is to make money!

You might be now racking your brains as to how can you accommodate social media amidst your busy business plans. Phew! Do not think. Just connect and set up a proper online social media profile that speaks helluva about you.

Empowering your business with social media strokes: If you desire to earn dollars, you must know that it is not like a flash in the pan. It is ever growing and you need to keep on nurturing day in and out to reap a good ROI.

Stop thinking like traditional marketing stalwarts! Yes you need to think out of the box to get maximum ROI. You cannot depend on what your customers think about your brand. The mantra is to allow users to engage with your brand via social media channel.

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Cashing On Social Media:

Measuring social media ROI will lead you to explore some great sources of significant profit quotients. You can measure it once you know whom to ask and get the feedback. There might be numbers but the brand recall tells it all.

Here are some great examples that can be cited to substantiate social media ROI. Here are some great examples that can be cited to substantiate social media ROI.

Creating Effective Noise: Example 1:

GAP – the international line of jeans teamed up with Groupon to offer the most lucrative deal for buyers such as $50 apparel for just $25! This raised the profit graph by $11 million in a single day! This is how social media makes money. The deal brought in money as well as happy customers. This is how GAP engaged users and took them by a storm.

Social Media Magnetism: Example 2:

Red Porch – A restaurant in an uptown zone decided to increase their restaurant’s presence in the real world via the virtual media. They had an awesome appeal when they thought of giving away free money and alcohol. All they did was an exciting offer of a free drink extravaganza at Red Porch if anyone could get them 100 followers within a stipulated time! They announced it like “Free drinks. Open bar. No charge“. The best way to define social media magnetism is to mention brands such as Nike, Apple and may more. Over the years their brand has become powerful and people love to flaunt their logos to add a zest to their individual style statement.

How To Go About The Oh-So Viral Social Media?

It is all about content distribution: This does not only limit to pages of web page content that has no ROI. One uses platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter to spread the word. Content also refers to customer interaction. A bigger share of content is user generated. Most brands run communities with the help of myriad hosted software applications such as Ning, Forums, Yuku, vBulletin and many other similar ones. Content is also about designing and illustration. It could be a nice sideshow or a video that has an exciting take on your brand. Content that arouses the adrenaline rush to come to you is worth the effort!

Once you create the buzz, you are already on your way to the pinnacle. This is the age when your customers will take you to where you want to be. This automatically makes way for money! Money is the sweetest thing and when you are using social media you know you are reaching out to people in an unbiased way. There are no limitations to your customer base. They could be from anywhere on this planet. You just need to give them a gateway to reach out to you. Take all that it takes to create that alluring circle for your brand! Create the magic!

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  1. Deals, Dollars and Social Media… Ooh what an awesome topic here! I love to hear that social media is not just about updating Facebook. Also the article seems to be crafted with an educative niche of which I believe everyone who comes across it gets something of worth sharing. No wonder I can’t help going through the articles again. Thanks Bose and Slodive at large.

  2. To make my blog posts viral the best way I choose is the social media only. Of course Facebook is my favorite but I don’t neglect other social media networks like Twitter, Google S+, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn.


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