18 Teeny Tiny Micro Tattoo Design Ideas


Not everyone wants a large, in-your-face tattoo. Some people prefer tiny little tattoos. If you’re looking for a subtle and inconspicuous tattoo, a micro tattoo design might be a great option!

Micro tattoos are tiny little tattoos that can be placed almost anywhere on the body. Because they are so small, these types of tattoos are generally very simple, with few fine details. Simple micro tattoos are often plain black minimalist tattoos, but colored micro tattoos do exist. Unlike many other tattoos, micro tattoos are very easy to hide

If you’re considering a micro tattoo for yourself, there are several great designs you can choose from. Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking!

1. Whale Micro Tattoo

It’s pretty awesome seeing something so large scaled down to something so small in a micro tattoo design!

micro tattoo designImage Source

2. Fly Micro Tattoo

I wonder how many people try to sway at the fly on this person’s arm…

micro tattoo designImage Source

3. Micro Rose and Constellation Tattoo

Here’s a clever little micro tattoo design that combines the beauty of a rose and constellation!

micro tattoo designImage Source

4. Tiny Dreamcatcher Tattoo

It sure would be handy to have a tiny dreamcatcher with you at all times to keep the bad dreams at bay…

micro tattoo designImage Source

5. Music Note Ear Tattoo

A tiny micro tattoo design with a music note in front of the ear is a great tattoo idea for music lovers!

micro tattoo designImage Source

6. Keyhole Micro Tattoo and Key

The placement of this keyhole micro tattoo design is sure to get at least a few second glances!

micro tattoo designImage Source

7. Tiny Birds Wrist Tattoo

Bird tattoos are becoming quite popular among women, and this tiny micro tattoo design on the wrist is a good option for someone looking for an inconspicuous but meaningful tattoo.

micro tattoo designImage Source

8. Tiny Shamrock Tattoo

I suspect that you’ll always have the luck of the Irish with you when you have a tiny shamrock tattoo like this!

micro tattoo designImage Source

9. Small Bow Tattoo

If you’re looking for a sweet and feminine micro tattoo design, this cute little bow tattoo might just be the answer!

micro tattoo designImage Source

10. Infinity Finger Tattoo

Add a tiny tattoo, like this infinity tattoo, to the inside of a finger for an interesting and unexpected little flash of your personality.

micro tattoo designImage Source

11. Tiny Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

This little bitty rainbow tattoo design on the inside of the wrist give a cheerful little pop of color on a rainy day!

micro tattoo designImage Source

12. Micro Moon Tattoo

This little moon tattoo is just the size of a dime, and it’s truly a micro tattoo design!

micro tattoo designImage Source

13. Micro Arrow Finger Tattoo

Micro tattoo design ideas aren’t just for women either; this arrow finger tattoo would fit just as well on a man.

micro tattoo designImage Source

14. Winnie the Pooh Micro Tattoo

This classic Winnie the Pooh wrist tattoo is a fun little micro tattoo for people of all ages!

micro tattoo designImage Source

15. Tiny Seashell Heel Tattoo

For the ocean lovers out there, this tiny seashell tattoo design seems just about perfect, doesn’t it?

micro tattoo designImage Source

16. Little Cow Tattoo

What an adorable little cow tattoo!

micro tattoo designImage Source

17. Micro Flower Tattoo Design

The detail in these pretty blue and purple flowers is pretty amazing for a micro tattoo design!

micro tattoo designImage Source

18. X and O Tattoos

A simple X and O on each wrist makes a nice matching micro tattoo design, and can even be used as a cute couples tattoo!

micro tattoo designImage Source

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