35 Mind Bending Optical Illusions Pictures


Optical illusions make one doubt on his own senses. Interesting and amusing optical illusion pictures are no magic but they will surely engross you for several moments out of wonder. These brilliant scientific backgrounds serve as great interactive and focus-oriented exercises.

It is amazing to see how the optical illusion pictures are perceived visually and differ from objective reality.

The weird optical illusions directly challenge you mind and boggle it for sometime. You can imagine entering into a tunnel which is never ending, or simply seeing a still, which starts to move or rotate after a fraction of second. More you see them, more they startle you. The list below will present to you 35 such fantastic optical illusions you would thoroughly enjoy watching.

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Volcanic Illusion

Volcanic illusion in whirlpool-like motion.

Non Ending Tunnel

The endless moving tunnel.

Moving Tunnel

Rotating upside down and back again.

Non Ending Coil

Eye-popping coil boggling with zebra-print stripes.

Illusions Moving Pattern

The motion pattern moves and swirls like wings.

Cool Moving Pattern

Thorny rotating ball displaying sharp pointed nails all over its sides.

Tunnel Vision

Long white stripes on black background leading into the hollow tunnel vision.

Rotating Puzzle Sphere

Rotating sphere full of puzzles moving round and round to an indefinite end.

Confusing Pattern

Big dots and small dots playing to and fro while running into each other.

Dropping Ball Illusion

Dropping and popping balls on diagonal surfaces.

Waving Illusion

Waving up and down through solid surfaces.

Bioscope Illusion

Floating pyramids as seen through a bioscopic vision.

Black White Illusion

Black and white dancing on alternate sides.

Staircase Illusion

Moving ahead while also pulled behind.

Can you read this?

Stare at I Can’t Sleep to fall asleep.

Men or Pillar

The old school optical illusion asking men or pillars?

Moving Points

Blurring vision fading into distorted vision

Turning Wheels

Still yet slowly rotating patterned circles.

They Appear To Move

Swirling left to right or right to left?

Pillar Illusion

Three pillars or a 3D gate?

Windows Optical Illusion

Looking down or looking out the windows?

Chair Illusion

Shadow of one or a pair of two?

Awesome Optical Illusion

Bloating or floating optical illusion.

Are They Parallel Illusion

Challenging your straight and perfect vision.

Pulsing Vortex

lub-dub motion on the floral optical illusion.

Wow Optical Illusion

Nuts in movement optical illusion.

Optical Illusion Building

See through or adjoin building blocks optical illusion.

Optical Illusion Structure

Vertical or horizontal structure optical illusion.

Relativity Illusion

Going hay-wired or nowhere?

Illusion In The Street

Crazy upside down footpaths optical illusion.

Beautiful Girl

Girl in disguise of a mouse.

Four Eyes Illusion

Fallen to a hangover.



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