Artistic Text Effect


Learning how to create an  artistic text effect  may seem intimidating (much like other Adobe Photoshop work) but you shouldn’t let it get the best of you. See, creating the perfect artistic text effect takes a little time and practice but it’s well worth the effort once you see the end result. Now, are you still not convinced? Read on.

The artistic text effect tutorial below is very basic and easy to understand. Again, you may have to run through it a few times before you perfect it but as long as you take your time (and put in the time), you should have no trouble creating an artistic text effect just as good, if not better, than the example that we’ve used below. Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and scroll down, enjoy the tutorial below, and get ready to be amazed!

Artistic Text Effect Preview


  • Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Skill: Semi Advance
  • Time: 1/2 – 1hr


Image : Source

STEP 1: Open Image

Open an image in Photoshop and go to color range in select menu as below:

Open Image

STEP 2: Modify Color Range

In Color Range window, choose shadows option in select as below and click ok.

Modify Color Range

STEP 3: Shadow

Copy and paste (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) shadow information in a new layer named Shadows as shown below.


STEP 4: Color Range

Again open Color Range window from Select Menu for Layer 1 but this time choose Midtones and click ok.

Color Range

STEP 5: Midtones

Copy and Paste Midtones information like Step 3 to a New Layer named Midtones as shown below


STEP 6: Shadow Fill

Go to Shadows layer by hiding all other layers and go to Fill Effect through Edit Menu.

Shadow Fill

STEP 7: Black Fill

Choose Black option in Fill Window as below.

Black Fill

STEP 8: Final Shadow

Your Shadows Layer should look like as shown here

Final Shadow

STEP 9: 50% Gray Fill

Like shadows, open Fill Window for Midtones but unlike shadows this time choose 50% Gray option.

50% Gray Fill

STEP 10: Final Midtones

Your Midtones should look like image shown below:


Final Midtones

STEP 11: Merge Layers

Now Merge both Shadows and Midtones layers by right clicking on them.

Merge Layers

STEP 12: Font Style

Choose Text Tool and choose Font Style of your choice, like I have chosen below:

Font Style

STEP 13: Text

Write some text or you can copy paste some text in a new layer.


STEP 14: Brush Preset

With that Text Layer selected choose define Brush Preset to use that Text as a Brush in Photoshop

Brush Preset

STEP 15: Paint

In a new Layer Paint that text with the Brush Tool as below:


STEP 16: Copy Tones

Make a new layer below text painted layer and fill that layer with white color but hide all layers except midtones layer and ctrl+click midtones.

Copy Tones

STEP 17: Layer Mask

Add Vector Mask to text painted layer by hiding all other layers.

Layer Mask

STEP 18: Paint Face

Click on the layer 2 and Paint the face with the Soft Brush with low opacity as shown below

Paint Face

STEP 19: Layer Style

Apply Gradient Overlay Layer Style to layer 2 as shown below:

Layer Style

STEP 20: Text Paint

For some extra effects, Paint Text in a new layer named paint with the text brush selected which we had made earlier, after doing some changes in brush settings as shown below.

Text Paint

STEP 21: Final Output

Finally make a copy of the white layer above all and decrease it‘s opacity as shown below:

Final Output

Artistic Text Effect Final Result

Final Output




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