21 Beautiful Blue Winter Nails to Try


Blue is the perfect color for winter nails. It’s a cool shade that just makes you think of chilly weather. When paired with white or silver, blue winter nails are a gorgeous representation of the season!

Anyone can wear blue winter nails. Whatever your skill level when it comes to nail art, there’s a simple enough design out there for you. Even some of the more complicated looking designs may be a lot easier than you think. However, if you prefer to get your nails done, getting gorgeous blue winter nails is even easier! Just tell your manicurist what you want, or show her one of these awesome pictures of blue nails for winter for a little inspiration!

1. White and Blue Rhinestone Winter Nails

A white and blue gradient makes for some super pretty and simple blue winter nails! Add a few rhinestones for a little winter sparkle.

blue winter nailsImage Source

2. Glitter Blue and Snowflake Nails

Subtle snowflakes added to some blue glitter nails quickly turns them into some gorgeous blue winter nails! Add some thin white tips for a classic look.

blue winter nailsImage Source

3. Glitter Blue Nail Tips

Alternatively, glitter blue tips make for some super simple and beautiful blue winter nail art!

blue winter nailsImage Source

4. Turquoise and Silver Gradient

Blue and silver just go together perfectly for winter nails! This turquoise and silver gradient is a perfect example of this!

blue winter nailsImage Source

5. Light Blue and Glitter Gradient

A silver glitter gradient over light blue nails? Stunning winter nails!

blue winter nailsImage Source

6. Blue Glitter Gradient Snow Flake Nails

A blue glitter gradient makes some beautiful winter nails. But, the addition of subtle white snowflakes really pulls this winter mani together!

blue winter nailsImage Source

7. Blue Winter Sweater Nails

A winter sweater prints gives you a pretty and fun blue winter nail design. Use a nail stamping kit to replicate this design quickly and easily.

blue winter nailsImage Source

8. Metallic Teal Winter Nails

This shade of metallic teal is simply gorgeous by itself! The addition of some silver snowflakes, though, really completes these blue winter nails.

blue winter nailsImage Source

9. Dark Blue Winter Nails

A dark blue polish can look stunning for your winter nail designs. Add some silver snowflakes as accent nails for a wintery look.

blue winter nailsImage Source

10. Red and Blue Glitter Snowflake Nails

The addition of a subtle red glitter polish can make a fine addition to blue winter nails. Add some white snowflakes and you’re good to go!

blue winter nailsImage Source


11. Blue Gradient Snowflake Nails

With a light blue to dark blue gradient, you can’t help but add a few snowflakes to this mani in the winter!

blue winter nailsImage Source

12. Teal Snowflake Nails

I love, love, LOVE this color of teal nail polish! Adding the white snowflakes and chunky glitter topcoat makes these some gorgeous blue winter nails!

blue winter nailsImage Source

13 Stamped Blue Winter Nail Art

Here’s another example of some simply gorgeous blue winter nails!

blue winter nailsImage Source

14. Dusky Blue Snowflake Nails

These winter nails were created with a little help from some cute little snowflake stickers. Easy peasy!

blue winter nailsImage Source

15. Striped Winter Nails

Adding a silver stripe to your winter nails not only helps give them a fun winter wonderland feel, but it also creates the illusion of length.

blue winter nailsImage Source

16. Waterfall Winter Nail Art

These silver and blue winter nails remind me of waterfall nails. The design isn’t far off, and it really resembles icicles here!

blue winter nailsImage Source

17. Falling Snow Nail Art

A gradient polka dot design is an easy way to create some falling snow nail art on bule nails.

blue winter nailsImage Source

18. Snowy Window Nail Art

The view from a snowy window in the morning can be simply breathtaking! Recreating this look on your nails can be a fun way to ring in the winter season!

blue winter nailsImage Source

19. Blue Snowman Nails

What’s a list of blue winter nails without some snowman nails?

blue winter nailsImage Source

20. Snowy Tips Nail Art

Dripping nail art is always a fun and simple design to try. I never realized how much white “dripping” polish on blue nails looks like piled up snow, though!

blue winter nailsImage Source

21. Blue Snowy Trees Nail Art

Here’s one last example of some stunning blue winter nails…

blue winter nailsImage Source

Hopefully you enjoyed these blue winter nails. With any luck, you got some great inspiration for your own winter nail art!

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