20 Fun Orange Nails for Summer


When most people think of orange nails, the first thing that pops into mind is usually Halloween. While black and orange nails are perfect for this spooky fall holiday, they can also be fun and colorful for the warmer summer months as well!

Orange is a bright, warm color, so it’s actually perfect for summer. It’s the color of ripe oranges, beautiful sunsets, and crackling campfires. There are tons of different shades of orange to choose from for orange nail art. You can opt for bright neon orange or juicy tangerine orange or a subtler pastel melon color. Orange nail art designs for summer can also be simple, like polka dots or stripe, or more complex, like orange slices or butterflies. Of course, flower nail designs are always a good choice for the warmer months.

So, if you have an orange nail polish you’re itching to use, break it out! You don’t have to wait until October; we’e found some great ideas for orange nails you can wear this summer!

1. Orange Nails With Rhinestone Accent

An accent nail is a sure way to jaz up orange nails. Rhinestones add a sparkly 3D effect.

orange nails nail artSource

2. Orange and Blue Polka Dot Nails

Blue nails with neon orange polka dots make for some fun poolside summer nails!

orange nails nail artSource

3. Orange Hawaiian Flowers

Bright orange Hawaiian flowers on a white background are perfect for summer.

orange nails nail artSource

4. Black and White Chevron Nail Design

Pair neon orange nails with a simple black and white chevron design for a slightly more sophisticated orange manicure.

orange nails nail artSource

5. White and Orange Polka Dots

White polka dots on orange nails make fun and cute summer nails!

orange nails nail artSource

6. White and Orange Flowers

These white and orange flowers are simple and adorable!

orange nails nail artSource

7. Orange Chevron Nails

Chevron nails are super chic right now! This orange chevron design is a fun and bright version for summer.

orange nails nail artSource

8. Nude and Orange Nail Art

Orange peeks through a nude polish for a subtle colorful summer mani.

orange nails nail artSource

9. Orange Nautical Nails

Orange polish gives these nautical nails a colorful little twist.

orange nails nail artSource

10. Orange Ombre Nails

Combine a light shade and dark shade of orange for a fun ombre effect.


orange nails nail artSource

11. Neon Orange French Tips

Neon oranges puts a new spin on a classic French manicure.

orange nails nail artSource

12. Orange Tips With Pink Flowers

Pink dots make a cute addition to this orange French manicure.

orange nails nail artSource

13. Fruity Orange Nails

A tropical fruity twist on your fingertips!

orange nails nail artSource

14. Orange Slices Nail Art

These orange slices really pop against a light blue background!

orange nails nail artSource

15. Orange Slice Tips

Or, how about some tasty orange tips?

orange nails nail artSource

16. Orange and Coral Polka Dots

Because orange and coral look smashing together, and polka dots are fun!

orange nails nail artSource

17. Orange and Pink Nails

One fun color meets another fun color for a fun summer mani!

orange nails nail artSource

18. Colorful Geometric Nail Art Design

Geomtric shapes are easy to create, yet stunning in bright colors.

orange nails nail artSource

19. Orange and Blue Houndstooth Nail Art

A classic pattern with bold colors makes a fun summer manicure!

orange nails nail artSource

20. Monarch Butterfly Nails

Finally, let’s not forget orange monarch butterfly nails. These are fun and easy to create and perfect for warm weather.

orange nails nail artSource

If you thought that orange nails were only for Halloween, I hope we were able to change your mind. These orange nails are way to colorful and fun to save for October. So, break out that bright orange nail polish and have sme fun this summer!

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