16 Tasty Food Nail Art Designs

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Sometimes the same old nail art designs get a little old and boring. If you’re sick of the same old designs, mix up your nail art routine with some tasty food nail art!

Food nail art isn’t the norm, but it’s sure to get a few compliments. Or strange looks, depending on what you choose! You can choose your favorite food for your yummy nail art, or choose a food that’s part of a celebration. Turkey for Thanksgiving, for instance, or hot dogs for Memorial Day.

So, let’s dive into some fun and tasty looking food nail art designs, starting with dessert…

1. Jellybean Nail Art

What’s your favorite jellybean flavor? You don’t have to pick a favorite with these jammin’ jelly bean nails!

food nail artImage Source

2. Pink Cupcake Nail Art

Cupcake nais are some of the cutest food nail art designs to try, and oh so yummy looking!

food nail artImage Source

3. Ice Cream Cone Nail Art

This sweet ice cream nail art design is pretty cool, and perfect for summer!

food nail artImage Source

4. Oreo Nail Art Design

Who can resist some nice chocolaty Oreo cookies and some ice cold milk milk to dunk them in?

food nail artImage Source

5. Banana Nails

Some carefully painted bananas may take a little time to perfect, but they’re so worth it!

food nail art 6Image Source

6. Fruity Nails

Paint all your nails like one fruit, or mix it up for some fruit salad nail art!

food nail artImage Source

7. Popcorn Nail Art

Movie night? Try these super simple popcorn nails!

food nail artImage Source

8. French Tip Popcorn Nails

These French tip popcorn nails are an even easier nail art design for movie night!


food nail artImage Source

9. Bacon Nail Art

This food nail art design takes a love of bacon to the next level!

food nail artImage Source

10. Breakfast Food Nail Art

Why settle for just bacon when you can have an entire breakfast on your nails?

food nail artImage Source

11. Cheeseburger Nail Art

burger with all the fixin’s definitely makes a unique and funky food nail art design!

food nail artImage Source

12. Fast Food Nail Art Design

Add fries and a drink to your burger nails for some fun (and non-fattening) fast food nail art.

food nail artImage Source

13. Swiss Cheese Nail Art

Don’ forget the cheese for your burgers!

food nail artImage Source

14. Turkey Nail Art

If you’re looking for some interesting Thanksgiving food nail art, these turkey nails are very fitting and fun!

food nail artImage Source

15. Sushi Nail Art

Here’s food nail art you don’t see every day—sushi nails!

food nail artImage Source

16. Pizza Nails

Add your favorite toppings is easy with these pizza nails!

food nail artImage Source

These food nail art designs are sure to turn a few heads! However, they may not be the best idea for nail biters, if you know what I mean!

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