14 Sophisticated Matte Purple Nails

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Matte purple nails are a sophisticated way to wear purple nails. It’s also chic and trendy at the same time, but without being too gawdy or overpowering. Matte purple nails can work on almost any woman, from the high powered executive to the busy housewife to the trendy teen. It has more depth and a more mature look than glossy polish, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear some fun nail art designs at the same time.

If you’re looking for fun ways to wear matte purple nails, take a look at these ideas for some great inspiration!

1. Outlined Matte Purple Nails

A pretty silver polish gives matte purple nail polish a nice shimmery accent. Plus, it looks dressy and sophisticated at the same time.

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2. Matte Purple Outlined Nails

Another outlined design, this time with a matte purple plum polish outlining a black polish.

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3. Matte Nails With Glossy Tips

Try purple matte nails with glossy purple tips. The contrast between the two finishes looks astounding!

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4. Matte Purple Nails With Glossy Diagonal Tips

A diagonal tip mani can also look sophisticated and stunning with contrasting matte and glossy polish. There’s enough contrast between the two finishes to create a subtle and unique look.

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5. Purple Water Droplet Matte Manicure

Dabs of clear nail polish create the illusion of water droplets on matte nail polish. These faux water droplets look amazing and beautiful on purple matte nails!

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6. Matte and Glossy Zebra Stripe Nails

How about a wild and fun animal print manicure? The contrast between the purple matte nail polish and the glossy black polish is definitely striking in this animal print manicure!

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7. Matte Nail Striping Tape

Nail striping tape can also be used with matte purple nails with astonishing results. Love the look of the shiny nail striping tape against the matte purple nails!


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8. Decorative Matte and Glossy French Tips

A few decorative stripes in the corner of each french tip creates a pretty neat design!

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9. Decorative Matte French Tip Nails

Just because your nails are matte doesn’t mean you can’t have a fancy design! Try a stamped design on the tips of matte nails for a fun and chic look.

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10. Dark Ombre Purple Matte Nails

Dark and light purple matte nail polishes make an awesome matte ombre nail art design!

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11. Light Ombre Matte Purple Nails

Lighter purple nail colors can also be used to create a pretty matte ombre nail design with beautiful results!

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12. Bow Matte Purple Nails

A bow nail charm adds a sweet touch to these pointy purple matte nails.

matte purple nails 12Image Source

13. Silver Stripes on Matte Purple Nails

Shiny silver stripes add a gorgeous and glamorous touch to light purple matte nails! And, nail striping tape makes this a super easy design to try!

matte purple nails 13Image Source

14. Rhinestone Purple Matte Nails

Wanna really add some bling and glam to matte purple nails? Glue rhinestones to the base of each nail.

matte purple nails Image Source

Matte purple nail polish can be purchased nearly anywhere nail polish is sold, including drug stores, big box stores, and beauty supply stores. You can also use a matte top coat on top of a regular purple nail polish to get the matte effect as well. This is a great option, since you only have to invest in one bottle of polish to make any nail color you have matte. DIY matte nail polish can also be made by adding cornstarch to regular purple nail polish.


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