13 Fantastic Framed Nail Art Designs


Framed nail art is a trendy and chic nail art design. It’s also unique, making it a nice design to try if you’re sick of the same old nail art designs.

Also sometimes referred to as outlined nail art or bordered nail art, framed nail art uses two different colors of nail polish. One color of nail polish is used to paint the entire nail, while the other color is used to create a thin frame, or border, around the entire nail. Generally, the darker nail polish color is used as the border. However, framed nail art designs can also look amazing with the lighter color bordering the nails.

A thin nail brush is typically used to create framed nails. A steady hand and a little practice is also helpful. Another way of creating framed nail art is painting the entire nail the color of the border, and the main color is painted over it, leaving a gap to create a border.

If you want to try framed nails, the sky is the limit! You can use any color combinations you want. For a little inspiration, check out these framed nails…

1. Framed Black and White Nails

A simple framed nail art design uses just black and white, and still manages to look stunning!

framed nail artImage Source

2. Purple Framed Nail Art

A dark purple polish really makes a light lilac polish make a gorgeous framed nail art design!

framed nail artImage Source

3. Hot Pink Framed Nail Art

For a big pop of color, frame a bright nail color with a darker shade.

framed nail artImage Source

4. Multi-Color Framed Nails

Painting each nail a different pastel shade creates a soft and feminine mani, and the black outline on each nail help tie the whole design together.

framed nail artImage Source

5. Metallic Framed Nail Art

Metallic polishes always seem to have a luxurious look, and these metallic blue and rose gold framed nails are no different.

framed nail artImage Source

6. Tan and Lime Green Framed Nails

Most framed nail art designs use a darker color to outline a lighter color; but, the lighter color outlining the darker color can look just as sensational, especially with neons.

framed nail artImage Source

7. Framed Pastel Watercolor Nails

Watercolor nail art designs are soft and super feminine. Contrasting black outlining this design is an interesting contrast.

framed nail artImage Source

8. Framed Christmas Nails

Create some framed nail art with red and green polish to get into the holiday spirit!

framed nail artImage Source

9. Framed Lace Nails

Framing a lace nail design with white polish is a perfectly elegant wedding nail art design!

framed nail artImage Source

10. Framed Cartoon Nails

For a fun framed nail art design, add some white highlights to create a cartoon look.

framed nail artImage Source

11. Jeweled Framed Nails

Need a little sparkle? Add some rhinestones at the base of your framed nails for a luxurious look.

framed nail artImage Source

12. Gold Studded Framed Nail Art

There’s so much you can do with nail studs, including framing your nails.

framed nail artImage Source

13. Triangle Framed Nails

Triangle glitter pieces frame nails and give them a fierce and trendy look!

framed nail artImage Source

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