11 Simple and Fun Football Nails for Game Day


Crisp fall weather brings out the football fans every year. Whether they’re rooting for their favorite team on TV or cheering on from the stands at a local school, football fans always give it their all! Football has become one of the most popular sports in the United States. So popular that men and women alike drop everything at least once a week during the fall to watch their favorite teams toss around the pigskin.

Wearing team colors and jerseys is pretty much standard for most football fans. But, women can add even more fun accessories—with football nails! Painting football nails is a very simple and fun to show your love of the game. You can always paint your favorite team’s colors or logo on your nails, but simple footballs or football field nails can look just as festive!

Get started with your own football nails with a little inspiration from these great designs!

1. Football and Field Nails

A simple football accent nail makes a sporty addition to these cute green football field nails!

football nailsImage Source

2. NFL Nail Art

If you’re an artistic football fan, you can try an NFL logo on one of your football nails for the Sunday game.

football nailsImage Source

3. Green and Copper Football Nails

A dark copper polish works beautifully to create some simple football nails; the dark green nails are a nice touch as well!

football nailsImage Source

4. Gradient Football Nail Art

Green gradient nails make for some cute football field nail art, and a little brown football completes the look!

football nailsImage Source

5. Metallic Football Nails

I’d say these super pretty football nails are a touchdown!

football nailsImage Source


6. 50 Yard Line Football Nails

If you can’t get seats on the 50 yard line, you can still paint your nails with this coveted vantage point!

football nailsImage Source

7. Goal Post Football Nails

This adorable football field nail art is complete with a goal post and football!

football nailsImage Source

8. Simple Football Nails

All you need for these football nails is a simple white football lace design over brown polish, and you’re good to go!

football nailsImage Source

9. Football Nail Tips

Skip the prissy French manicure and paint the tips of your nails with little footballs instead!

football nailsImage Source

10. Referee Football Nail Art

After all, what’s a game of football without a referee?

football nailsImage Source

11. Fuzzy Football Field Nails

A bit of green flocking powder adds an awesome touch to these football field nails!

football nailsImage Source

If you’re a female football fan and nail art fanatic, football nails are a must for the season! You can keep it simple with some of these cute and easy football nail art designs, or you can jazz it up a bit with your team’s colors. Either way, you’re sure to get at least a few compliments on game day!

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