13 Cute and Creepy Halloween Makeup Costumes


Halloween is creeping up fast! If you haven’t figured out a costume by now, it’s not too late! Even if you need to be at a costume party in a few hours, you can still pull off a great costume with little more than some makeup.

The great thing about Halloween makeup costumes is that they are so simple to put together. Just paint a look on your face, and you’re good to go. For some Halloween makeup costumes, you might need to add a corresponding outfit, but nothing too complicated or extraordinary. Chances are, you already have something in your closet already.

Down to the wire with no costume? Check out these Halloween makeup costumes for some fun and fast Halloween costume ideas!

1. Cat Halloween Makeup

Perhaps one of the most common Halloween makeup ideas, the sultry cat is both an easy and attractive look to pull off. In addition to the makeup, a black outfit and some cute ears are all that’s needed to complete the look.

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2. Leopard Halloween Makeup

Or, add some leopard spots to your face with makeup and go as a cute leopard this Halloween. Leopard print apparel would be the perfect way to complete this costume!

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3. Vampire Fang Makeup

Who needs a set of fake vampire fangs for a vampire outfit? The same look can be achieved with a little cleverly applied makeup.

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4. Scarecrow Makeup for Halloween

The scarecrow look is one of the easier Halloween makeup costumes out there. Add a floppy straw hat, a plaid shirt, and some jeans, and you’re ready to go hang out in a field! Straw optional, of course.

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5. Saw Movie Makeup

Looking for Halloween makeup costumes to creep people out? Add a couple spirals to your lightened cheeks and some red lipstick and go as the creepy ventriloquist doll from saw. The red bow tie and black suit add the finishing touches.

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6. Pirate Eye Patch Makeup

If you don’t have a real eye patch to complete your pirate costume, draw it on with an eyeliner instead.


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7. Black and White Movie Makeup

You’ll look just like you stepped out of an old black and white movie with this look! All you need is some gray makeup and black, gray, and white clothing and accessories.

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8. Sugar Skull Makeup

Painting your face as a sugar skull is actually much easier than it looks. Don’t forget the brightly colored outfit and flowers!

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9. Half Skull Makeup

Painting half of your face as a skull is a sure way to creep people out on Halloween! As an added bonus, you don’t even need any special outfit to complete this costume!

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10. Extra Eyes Makeup

You can definitely keep your eyes on people with this interesting Halloween makeup idea! Glue fake eyelashes to your face and use eye shadow above them to create the illusion of eyelids and creases.

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11. Comic Book Makeup

White dots and black eye liner on the lines of your face can instantly transform you into a comic book character! Add a little white spot to your bright red lipstick to create the comic book glossy look.

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12. Doll Makeup

Alabaster skin, overly rosy cheeks, huge eyelashes, and heart-shaped lips is the perfect makeup for a doll. Add a pretty dress and you’re good to go on Halloween!

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13. Ventriloquist Makeup

Or, go for the evil ventriloquist doll look by adding mouth lines and a pinched mouth.

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