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Are you planning to branch off on your own and work at your own time and pace? You may be a professional working in a traditional work space and need to start your own venture or a school teacher who would like to pursue your love for writing. In such a scenario, freelancing is just what you are looking for.

As a freelancer you do not have a permanent commitment to an employer and are self-employed. You can freelance as a journalist, a web designer, film maker, publisher, copy editor, graphic designer, illustrator, and event planner the list really depends on your skills, talent, inclination and experience. This sort of work can vary you may have to sign a contract or have a verbal agreement. As for your paycheck, you can be paid hourly, for a project or a piece. You can also ask to be paid or given a percentage before you start work.

As a free lancer you have the freedom to decide your work schedule and the kind of work you would like to do. You get a network of clients besides a variety of jobs to choose from. Freelancing also brings with it the uncertainty of pay and work.

Your launch pad can be smooth sailing if you follow a few steps to freelancing. These steps will ensure that you do not waste time on mundane business matters. You will be able to build up your client base. It is not important for you to take on the entire work load; you can outsource some and breathe a little easy or schedule things in a way that can lighten the workload in this case it is good to track and plan your daily activities using a blog planner. Break out from the limitations of one person small business model and be successful.

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Market Yourself

Market Yourself

: If you are one of those who do not believe in marketing yourself but would like to concentrate on providing service, you need to do a rethink. You can develop your client base by following these steps to freelancing.

“¢ How can your prospective client contact you? Enumerate the steps a person will have to take to before he becomes your client. How do you plan to advertise about yourself? How can a person get more information about you? How do they become your client? You should be aware of the answers yourself.


“¢ You can have a common email template which can be sent as a reply to queries regarding your services. You can answer a plethora of questions services on offer, payments and their schedule and your work details.

“¢ You can elaborate further with client references or testimonies from previous clients. You can send these as an attachment or as a hard copy to your prospective client. You could also have separate information regarding the various services that you offer and their price list.

“¢ Keep a write-up handy for the people you would like to target. Every time you need to reach out to someone you can use portions covering relevant information from this write-up.

Human Efficiency

Human Efficiency

As your freelance business grows and the number of people working for you increases, you are responsible for improving their productivity. You may have outsourced work or employed people. Go through ‘Steps to Freelancing’ and learn numerous ways to attain success.

“¢ Keep a book mark folder on your computer, containing regularly accessed services. Through an online service you can pass these regularly used bookmarks to your team.

“¢ You will be better organized if you keep programs and software handy on your computer. It will be helpful if these can be passed on to your new members so that they have no starting problems. You can place these programs in a zipped folder after procuring appropriate licenses.

“¢ Work on a file containing templates that you frequently use in your business. Put them on a file sharing service which passes it on to your team members.

“¢ Your team members should have ready access to any tools or resources which will help them do their jobs efficiently. Keep these guides and marketing resources easily available to pass on.

“¢ If you are doing every thing yourself in the beginning, you should have spread sheets for all the roles you perform. Not only does it help you personally but when your services expand, your new members will know what to expect.

“¢ If you are wondering how to put your foot forward, then you can start by keeping a daily journal recording your activities. Analyze these tasks and see which one takes up most of your time or the one which you do not like to do. You can then figure out which tasks you would like to outsource to someone else. Your journal will also help you figure out better ways of going about your tasks that take up time.

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  1. For those who are in freelancing field, the primary factor to be considered is skills and the next is time management. These are very vital for every professional freelancer to sustain.


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