3 Secrets to Achieving the Elusive Work-Life Balance


They work so hard to make a living that they forget to live.’

The above quote holds gravity in today’s competitive world. The industry landscape is highly fatiguing and demands more than a usual engagement from the service professionals. 

Do you know that a total of 94% of service professionals spend around 50+ hours a week at their workplace? 

Yes, it is accurate, and a recent Harvard Business Review study backs the findings.

With such a high level of engagement at the workplace, they come home totally debilitated, annoyed, and tattered — just plain exhausted. Worse, most professionals, after spending so much time already in the office, have to stay online, do extra work and answer business calls when they get home. This affects what little family time they have left. 9-to-5 work hours are just an illusion. 

Work-life balance is an essential thing. When you lose it, everything gets messed up, including your health, fecundity, performance, family, and mental peace. Whether you are an individual or an employer, you should promote ideal work-life balance to upkeep the well-being.  Getting VoIP phone number can help you a lot to achieve the perfect work-life balance. 

Here is how it will help you to get the ideal work-life balance –

It sets you free.

One of the key reasons for such long working hours is that working professionals need to be on their desk to work.  Customers/business associates can call you at any time. If you are not at your office, you are likely to miss a business opportunity, which is not acceptable. Deploying VoIP at the workplace helps working professionals answer the calls from anywhere. 

VoIP is a technology that uses internet connection to make/receive calls from any of the data-driven devices. It also comes with a mobile-interface to help you operate from anywhere and anytime. So, you need not stay wired with your desk anymore. 


Commute less and work more 

Another major factor that hampers the work-life balance of service professional is travelling to the office every day. If data are to consider, then a working professional drives around 10 miles every day to reach the workplace.  It is a sheer waste of time. Apart from this, long-distance travelling daily hampers the well-being of the professionals and also their productivity. 

Would you like to have lethargic and already-tired employees at your workplace? 

VoIP Phone Numbers can help you eliminate this by all means. As VoIP is a cloud-based technology, all of the customer data, business details, and other information can be accessed from anywhere. With this, you need not be present physically in the office all the time to work. You can allow your service professionals to work from remote locations as well. They can make reports, attend meetings, contact with any of the other service department of the organization, and make/receive customer calls from their living room. 

For example; you stay in Manhattan (+1 718), and your office is in Queens (+1 347). You can set a fully functional and well-integrated US virtual phone number for your employees at their home without any added investment. Work-from-home is believed to be a great tool to leverage the productivity of the team by manifolds. Instead of squandering away their precious time on reaching to the office, they can invest in lead and revenue generation and have time for family as well. 

Have undisturbed family time  

With traditional telephony, you don’t have the pleasure to save, record, and retrieve any call detail. That is why you have to always be on your toes to answer them.  So, many professionals are answering phones and emails even at home on holidays or family functions. Due to this, professionals are likely to miss some critical personal calls.  You can resolve this issue using a VoIP based international phone number. It allows you to have a second phone number for personal and business use separately. 

Once you are at home, you can divert the calls of your business phone number to your voicemail and get hold of every call with complete details. Its features such as Find Me/Follow Me, voicemail transcribing, call forwarding, and more will never let you miss a call even when you are on holiday. 

For example; you are going out of station for your holidays. Then, divert your business call of US virtual phone number for cities like Washington (+1 202) and Los Angeles (+1 213) to any other available number to retrieve them later. You can also set a personalized welcome message and let the caller know about your unavailability professionally. 

Wrapping up 

There is no second thought that ideal work-life balance is hard to get hold of. However, with the right hectic, you can make it all yours for once and all. Just implement VoIP diligently, explore all of its capabilities, and see the magic happening.  


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