15 Mind Boggling Graphic Work Examples by Egor Savchenko


Every color has a significance in painters life because proper color combination can make or brake your image concept. Colors gone wrong can be devastating for your work even if you have spent many days on making the artwork.

Today we bring you some amazing digital paintings by Egor Savchenko which are looking amazingly beautiful because of the colors used.

Have a look at these 15 artworks and apprise the way this artist has created these masterpieces. Although we could not find the artist’s profile but we could not stop our-self from showcasing his spellbind work to our readers. If you know the portfolio of this artist, please leave a comment because we want to give him/her the credit an artist deserves.

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fire in hands

parrot graphics

sword girl fight

children underwater

fire in jungle

sea graphics

aadiwasi graphics

underwater animals

city buildings

beer rabbit

working man nuts graphics

ra and rocket

horse man fighting

horse and man graphics

girl knife dead boat

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