Amazing Paintings.. Umm Wait What? – I.D. 19


So every now and then I come across something that absolutely blows my mind and know in an instant this has to be shared with the SloDive community. The images below are the work of Alexa Meade who currently lives in D.C. Notice I said images, not paintings! Somehow she manages to blend paint on the human body in way that makes the figure look like it jumped straight from the canvas into the real world. Have a close look below and make sure to visit her portfolio for more info on Alexa.

Inspirational Work 01

Inspirational Work 02

Inspirational Work 03

Inspirational Work 04

Inspirational Work 05

Inspirational Work 06

Inspirational Work 07

Inspirational Work 08

Inspirational Work 09


Inspirational Work 10

Inspirational Work 11

Inspirational Work 12

Inspirational Work 13

Inspirational Work 14

Inspirational Work 15

Inspirational Work 16

Inspirational Work 17

Inspirational Work 18

Link To Portfolio


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  1. WOW… now I say it, why? because those very very awesome artwork, fresh idea. First time I don't read the top sentence, just scrolling look the pictures, I think it painting on canvas until I feel something different.
    Thanks to share and good job Alexa Meade :)

  2. To be honest I am not impressed, they just look like people with painted faces. Its a cheap gimmick. Clever yes, but not hard or very intressting beyond a few seconds of “oh..would you look at that…its not a rubish painting, its rubish face paint”

  3. Great stuff… I still couldnt believe it wasnt photoshopped, until I saw the later pics.

    Bravo! Creative and innovative, for sure!

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  5. There are no ideas being communicated here. I see painted bodies (done before) I see portraits (done before!). This stuff communicates nothing with the viewer other than “look what I can do!” The painted old man walking around the real world could actually make for a decent performance piece however, lots of stuff you could do with that.

  6. Actually, it is clear that her painting these people took a lot of time, thought, careful planning and skill. They are not just painted on, but the the paint is applied in a specific way to make them look like oil paintings, not just painted people, which is very different. You could not get the same affect by just slopping the paint on a body. There is a precise technique being used here, with the blending, and the placement of shading paint and highlight paint, and balancing those with the actual lights and shadows of a three dimensional form

  7. Exactly. Yes there is the “wow” effect at first, but then it goes flat. Which is all she is doing. Painting a 3 dimensional object flat. It's a joke with all the hype this is getting.

  8. Awesome art I never came across. For a glance I can’t believe that these were paintings. It seems like the artist had given life to the paintings. Really amazing and inspirational. Thanks a ton for sharing such an wonderful post.


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