6 Tattoo Ideas to Connect to Your Childhood


When getting a new tattoo, you want to pick something that connects to some aspect of your life. To a certain degree, it does not really matter what you pick. It could be a sport that you love, a quote from a writer that has changed your life, or a picture that one of your children drew for you. Have a look at these tattoo ideas below that will connect your to your childhood.


Children’s Drawing

One of the best ways to make sure that you love the design for a long time, though, is to get something that connects to your childhood. It will always hold a special place in your heart. You can be sure that you will never feel like it is out of style, either, because your love for it will be based on your nostalgic feelings from when you were growing up.


6 Tattoo Ideas to Connect to Your Childhood

1. Get a tattoo of a character from your favorite cartoon. Some of your favorite memories probably involve the carefree life of watching cartoons on a Saturday morning. You loved those shows, so choosing your favorite character should be easy.


2. Use the logo of your favorite band. Everyone seems to go through a stage when they think that music is more important than anything else. You might not like that band much anymore, but you loved them when you were 14. Their logo can bring you back to those days.


3. Use quotes from that band’s songs. They probably had songs that really connected with you back then, and one of the simplest tattoo ideas is just to pick out a phrase. You could chose love quotes or just phrases that you liked because they represented other important themes to you, such as independence.

4. Pick characters from your favorite novels. You probably read a lot of fun books when you were younger, feeling like you were growing up with those characters. One of the tattoo ideas that makes the most sense is getting those characters tattooed on your skin forever, keeping them as a part of you because they helped shape you into who you are.

5. Pick characters from your favorite movies. Similar to the above, you have movies that you enjoyed, and those characters will work as well, no matter what type of films that you watched. You might also love quotes from those movies, and you could have your favorite ones added to the design.

6. Just use the date of your birthday. There is nothing that ties to your childhood more than your birthday. Pick out a tattoo font and have that date made into a special tattoo. You could add images if you want, but it might look best with a simple, sleek design that is nothing more than the text. If you do this, though, make sure that you really love the font.

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