4 Things that Make Excellent Matching Tattoos

matching cross

Getting matching tattoos is a great way for you to connect with someone that you love, whether that person is a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or just your best friend. Some people even get these tattoos with their children to show that family connection. For example, soldiers have been known to get matching tattoos after they have served together because the whole platoon will start to feel as close as any family.

Matching Cross Tattoo

If this sounds like something you would like to do, check out the four options that are offered below. You can choose whatever you want, of course, but these options are classics you will probably love. They can get your creative juices flowing, and they can help push you to get that pair of tattoos you have been wanting for so long.

banana tattoo

Matching Banana Tattoo


4 Things that Make Excellent Matching Tattoos

1. Hearts. Tattoos of hearts are often found on husbands and wives who have gotten them to commemorate the day that they got married. Alternatively, you could get them with your fiancé after a proposal to show that you are now fully committed to each other. For couples who have been married for years, matching 3D tattoos might be a good way to renew your commitment when you renew your vows.

2. Puzzle pieces. Couples will sometimes get 3D tattoos that look like puzzle pieces, but this is also something that best friends will do. It simply shows how well you fit together and how well you get along. It is a signifier of how important your relationship is and how you need the other person to feel complete.

puzzle pieces

Puzzle Pieces

3. A key and a lock. The symbolism behind tattoos of a lock and a key is that no one else is perfect for you in the way that that person is perfect for you. A key only works in a single lock, so this is an incredibly exclusive thing. It definitely shows that you were meant for each other, and that no one else can come close to giving you this same type of relationship. It could also show how both of you felt like something important was missing until you were fortunate enough to find each other. Again, these matching tattoos are often best for couples.

4. Friendship bracelets. If you want something that is merely about friendship and nothing more, why not get tattoos of friendship bracelets? You have certainly wore these before, but there is always the reminder that you can take them off. When you get matching tattoos, it shows your commitment to wearing them at all times. You will never drift apart or reach a stage in life when you are not as close as you want to be.



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