14 Radiant Rainbow Hairstyles


A long time ago, a movie came out that featured a song talking about rainbows, and how these colorful arches of light just make everything better. The movie, which was the Wizard of Oz, is a truly magical movie that may be considered the best ever. However, the movie started the world being infatuated with rainbows, and we have gathered 14 Radiant Rainbow Hairstyles so you can see a rainbow in a whole new…light!

We promise you one thing though. Once you get done looking at this list of beautiful rainbow hairstyles, you’ll want one too, and go rushing to your nearest beauty salon. Okay, well enough of our rambling though. Are you ready to check out the list? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Rainbow Hair 1

Rainbow hair is an amazing array of colors, and this young woman has a bit of a layered look, but her hair is long, which adds something to the hairstyle.

Rainbow Hair 1Rainbow Hair 1

Rainbow Hair 2

What a fun way to do your rainbow colored hair then to add a little bit of curl to the ends! The colors are so striking that its a guarantee that this stunning young woman is going to turn heads no matter where she goes!

Rainbow Hair 2Rainbow Hair 2

Rainbow Hair 3

This young woman has decided to have her rainbow hair, but decided to leave half of her head with black hair. There is something cool and amazing about this hairstyle, and the combination of black hair and the rainbow hair is unforgettable!

Rainbow Hair 3Rainbow Hair 3

Rainbow Hair 4

Who says that guys cannot get in on the fun of having rainbow colored hair? This young man has his hair shaved, and then each layer colored, but he leaves the top of his head fun and blonde!

Rainbow Hair 4Rainbow Hair 4

Rainbow Hair 5

A soft look can be achieved, even if you have rainbow colored hair! Does this young lady not look soft, sexy, and yet, sophisticated?

Rainbow Hair 5<emRainbow Hair 5

Rainbow Hair 6

Even though rainbows have many colors in them, who says you have to use them all? This young lady has decided to only use four or five of the colors, and she looks beautiful!

Rainbow Hair 6Rainbow Hair 6

Rainbow Hair 7

Wild hair can look even wilder even with rainbow colored hair! Look at how punk this hairstyle is, and the fact the hair is messy only adds something to the style!

Rainbow Hair 7Rainbow Hair 7


Rainbow Hair 8

Having medium length hair can be a blessing when it comes to rainbow hair, and the fact this woman decided to use blue as the color to make the top of her head and bangs!

Rainbow Hair 8Rainbow Hair 8

Rainbow Hair 9

Not every rainbow color has to be bright, just take a look at this young woman. This girl has decided to soften the colors, and the fact she has red bangs makes her hair look even wilder!

Rainbow Hair 9Rainbow Hair 9

Rainbow Hair 10

Platinum blonde hair cannot be so boring when you add some rainbow colors around your face. What do you all think of this blonde cut mixed in with rainbow colors?

Rainbow Hair 10Rainbow Hair 10

Rainbow Hair 11

Long hair can look even better when there are many colors involved with the hairstyle. This young woman is doing her best rainbow imitation with her beautiful hair in all of these crazy cool colors.

Rainbow Hair 11Rainbow Hair 11

Rainbow Hair 12

Blondes can have more fun, if they decide to add some rainbow color to their hair. The color this young lady has in her hair is pink, but there are other colors present that give her a great look!

Rainbow Hair 12Rainbow Hair 12

Rainbow Hair 13

Who said yellow and orange hair would not look good? Ask this young lady how she loves her rainbow hair, its a guarantee that she loves the way her hair is.

Rainbow Hair 13Rainbow Hair 13

Rainbow Hair 14

Short hair can now look punk, especially when the hair is mostly black, but the ends of it are dyed in the wide array of rainbow colors!

Rainbow Hair 14Rainbow Hair 14

So, how did you feel about these great hairstyles? Are you impressed with how amazing these young women look with their multicolored hair? If they did, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below. All you have to do is click one and you’ll be on a new page (and exciting list) in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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