14 Perfect Purple Hairstyles


When it comes to getting their hair colored, many women prefer to get a color that is closest to their natural color. However, getting your hair dyed the same color it is naturally can be rather boring. There are other colors in the rainbow like purple, and women can see that coloring their hair purple can be exciting. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself!
We promise that once you get a look at these 14 perfect purple hairstyles, you will never dye your hair a normal color ever again! So, go ahead and scroll down now to check out these awesome hairstyles!

Blond and Purple Hairstyle

For women with blond hair, adding purple streaks is a hip new way to have purple hair without dying the whole head! What do you think of these purple ends?

Blond and Purple HairstyleBlond and Purple Hairstyle

Blue and Purple Hair

Why settle for one color for your hair when you can combine two of them? This young lady wants to combine purple and blue hair together, and she looks so cool this way, like something out of an anime cartoon.

Blue and Purple HairBlue and Purple Hair

Dark Purple Hairstyle 1

One reason why women might be reluctant to get purple hair is the fact it is not a natural look, but with this hairstyle, it actually does look pretty natural.

Dark Purple Hairstyle 1Dark Purple Hairstyle 1

Dark Purple Hairstyle 2

This young lady really does look like an anime character with her hair. There is more than one shade of purple in her curly hair, and she really looks fantastic.

Dark Purple Hairstyle 2Dark Purple Hairstyle 2

Dark Purple Hairstyle 3

Who says purple hair can’t be smart too? This young lady looks super smart in her glasses and fabulous purple hair.

Dark Purple Hairstyle 3Dark Purple Hairstyle 3

Dark Purple Hairstyle 4

One fashionable way to have purple hair is to have two shades of purple, a darker purple in the front, but a lighter purple shade covering the rest of the head.

Dark Purple Hairstyle 4Dark Purple Hairstyle 4

Dark Purple Hairstyle 5

Since you’re going with purple hair, why not punk it up? With the long hair in the front, but the shaven hair on the sides, this young lady looks totally punk, but totally awesome too!

Dark Purple Hairstyle 5Dark Purple Hairstyle 5


Dark Purple Hairstyle 6

Another fun way for blond women to keep their blond hair, but mix it up with purple, is to have streaks of different colors of purple mixed in with it.

Dark Purple Hairstyle 6Dark Purple Hairstyle 6

Dark Purple Hairstyle 7

Purple streaks can be fantastic especially if the hair is really dark. The whole head does not have to be streaked because this woman just has her hair streaked purple in the front, and it gives her a sleek but elegant look.

Dark Purple Hairstyle 7Dark Purple Hairstyle 7

Dark Purple Hairstyle 8

What do you all think of this amazing purple hairstyle? With her makeup, and her purple hair, this young woman looks totally hip and cool.

Dark Purple Hairstyle 8Dark Purple Hairstyle 8

Dark Purple Hairstyle 9

Women usually cut their hair short for the summer, but why not add a little purple to it? Instead of her whole head turning purple, this young woman just added purple and blue streaks to just the front of her hair.

Dark Purple Hairstyle 9Dark Purple Hairstyle 9

Dark Purple Hairstyle 10

This young lady looks amazing with her hair cut short and colored purple. She looks like something out of a video game, and the purple color really compliments her skin tone and features.

Dark Purple Hairstyle 10Dark Purple Hairstyle 10

Dark Purple Hairstyle Emo Girl

There are many shades of purple to choose from, and this long haired girl chose to have her long locks dyed a light lavender color.

Dark Purple Hairstyle Emo GirlDark Purple Hairstyle Emo Girl

Dark Purple Hairstyle Emo Girl 2

Long hair can look amazing when its mixed in with streaks of blue.

Dark Purple Hairstyle Emo Girl 2Dark Purple Hairstyle Emo Girl 2

So, what do you think? Are you ready to go to the nearest beauty salon to dye your hair purple? If you were highly impressed with these hairstyles, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to plenty more lists, all you have to do is click one and you’ll be on a new page with a whole new exciting list! So let’s get started!

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