10 Twitter Tools For Different Types of Users


Twitter has become absolutely ubiquitous on the web. Along with Facebook it is the defacto social network and the old saying “anyone who‘s anyone“ just about sums up its user base. Everyone has a twitter account but not everyone uses twitter for the same reasons.

In fact there are such a large number of twitter tools and clients out there that it might be easy to pass up the right tool or tools for you. In an effort to suppress the white noise of endless options we‘ve created a short list of 10 twitter tools that cover the needs of various types of twitter users. Enjoy :)

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1. TweetTheme by BrandThunder

The “TweetTheme“ is a Firefox theme that transforms your browser into a non-obtrusive twitter client. Dick Costello, CEO of twitter, said “twitter should be like water“ always there and easily accessible. Having twitter “baked into your browser“ accomplishes exactly that. With TweetTheme you‘ll enjoy the latest tweets from you and your followers in a news ticker, your full twitter stream in a collapsible side bar, and quick sharing of any web page you visit.


Who is this for?

This twitter tool is for the user who simply wants a no-hassle way to share and consume content on twitter.

More Information on TweetTheme by BrandThunder

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of a few twitter clients seemingly on steroids. Their feature list is exhaustive and thoroughly impressive.


With Hootsuite you can:

  • Post to multiple networks
  • Create custom analytics reports including Facebook insights and Google analytics
  • Build and collaborate with a team dedicated to one or multiple accounts
  • Schedule messages
  • Go mobile on Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, and android mobile devices
  • Automate performance reports that get sent to your entire team or any Hootsuite user
  • Assign specific tasks to team members
  • Monitor your brand
  • Link RSS feeds to post automatically
  • Customize your dashboard so that it displays only the tweets and information you want
  • Change the look with themes
  • Create secure profiles and prevent accidental updates to sensitive accounts
  • Shorten and track links with ow.ly urls
  • Share files with your twitter followers
  • Save tweets as Drafts
  • And more…

Who is this for?

This twitter tool is for power twitter users, social media consultants, brands, and businesses large or small.

More Information on Hootsuite

3. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is one of the other incredibly powerful twitter clients seemingly on steroids. Its feature list is as follows.


On TweetDeck you can:

  • Update multiple social networks
  • Take advantage of an increased twitter API
  • Retweet twitter style – or your style
  • Check into Foursquare
  • Manage conversations with @replies and direct messages
  • Manage multiple twitter accounts easily
  • Schedule tweets or checkins
  • Track twitter trends in real time
  • Create and manage lists
  • Filter unwanted tweets
  • Preview shortened urls
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your messaging
  • And more…

Who is this for?

This twitter tool is for power twitter users, social media consultants, brands, and businesses large or small.

More Information on TweetDeck

4. Seesmic

Seesmic takes a different approach than the two above-mentioned clients. Instead of being extremely feature rich and therefore unavoidably complicated, Seesmic strives to be simple to use on both desktop and mobile devices, attractive, and media rich.


Who is this for?

This twitter tool is for any average twitter user that wants a slick, good looking twitter client that allows them to transition smoothly from desktop to mobile. This user also puts a high premium on easily viewing images or video they find in their twitter stream without having to leave their twitter client.

More Information on Seesmic

5. Twimbow

If Hootsuite and TweetDeck are on one end of the spectrum and Seesmic is on the other, then Twimbow falls somewhere in the middle. As far as app intensity goes that is.



Some of Twimbow‘s features include:

  • Color coded message types (Tweet, RT, DM, etc)
  • A “personal buzz“ column that displays everything you‘ve sent out over twitter
  • A “home buzz“ column that displays the tweets of those you follow
  • A monitor bar that allows you to track keywords, tags, list, users, and more
  • Graphic rich tags that embed small icons to match hashtags
  • Color coded labels for users and groups of users
  • Media preview
  • Content reader with “save for later“ capabilities on articles
  • A built in music player that allows you to share music with those of your followers also using Twimbow
  • Options for black or white theme

Who is this for?

This twitter tool is for the intermediate twitter user who wants an effective way to track and display data within one simple dashboard.

More Information on Twimbow

6. TwileShare

TwileShare is a free service that allows you to share files on twitter. Upload and share anything from images, documents, PDF‘s, ebooks, and more.


Who is this for?

This twitter tool is for anyone who wants to share files on twitter and doesn‘t have that ability built into their browser of choice.

More Information on TwileShare

7. Klout

The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others. The Klout Score uses data from social networks in order to measure:


  • How many people you influence
  • How much you influence them
  • And the overall influence of your network

Who is this for?

This twitter tool is for anyone curious about his or her influence on twitter. Consultants or businesses can also use this tool to determine which individuals in their industry are influential to develop marketing plans aligned at connecting with these influential people.

More Information on Klout

8. Paper.li

Paper.li allows you to turn twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds into attractive online daily newspapers in just a few clicks. It‘s a great tool for curating quality content from your twitter stream and building a network of both content producers and those who enjoy consuming what you curate.


Who is this for?

This twitter tool is for anyone who has an interest in curating the content they find on twitter and providing something of daily value to those who follow them.

More Information on Paper.li

9. Proxlet

Proxlet is a Google Chrome extension that allows you a bit more control over the content in your twitter stream. Namely, it allows you to block unwanted tweets without unfollowing those users. For instance, if you‘re an extremely influential content producer or “tweeter“ then chances are you get featured a lot by people using tools like paper.li mentioned above. That can get a bit annoying after a while since it sends auto tweets to people who have tops stories on the daily newspaper. Instead of unfollowing those users so as to avoid those tweets, you can simply block those tweets from appearing.


Who is this for?

This twitter tool is for any user who is weary of “twitter spam.“

More Information on Proxlet

10. TwitSprout

TwitSprout is a one-page analytics report for your twitter account or the accounts you manage. This beautiful single page layout puts vitally important twitter stats in an easy to read and share format that is readily understandable.


Who is this for?

Anyone interested in tracking their twitter stats or responsible for tracking those stats for other and need simple, attractive, easy to read reports.

More Information on TwitSprout

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  2. Excellent list. I used some of this to enhance my twitter experience and maybe this is the time to check the other. Thanks !


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