The 9 Best Android Games Available on Google Play

Replica Island

Android mobile devices are some of the most powerful communications devices ever created, but let’s face it, you probably bought yours just to play some of the best Android games available on Google Play. Sure, you may also use it to send work emails and communicate with friends on Facebook and Twitter, but at the end of the day your phone saves you from boredom at places like the DMV and the subway station. If you are new to your device, here are some of the best Android games you can purchase right now.


This is your standard gem-busting game that features a slick presentation and highly-addictive gameplay. It is a must have Android app because of its price tag: free!

Angry Birds Star Wars

The latest version of the Angry Birds franchise successfully incorporates the world of “Star Wars“ into the world of birds breaking down the homes of pigs. The game is free, but upgraded versions will run you a little bit extra.

Angry Birds1
Angry Birds Star Wars

Frozen Bubble

This type of game has taken many forms, from Bubble Blaster to Snood, but always remains a fun experience. This is one of the best Android games because it is a modern take on the classic bubble busting crowd.


Gem Miner

In Gem Miner, you control a little animal of indiscriminate origins and dig into the ground to find raw materials to sell for upgrades. This is one of the coolest Android apps for wasting time and seeing how far down the proverbial rabbit hole you can make it before your train arrives at its destination.


This game is a clean and efficient hybrid of Tetris and Boggle. In the game, you swipe on letters to eliminate words before your screen fills all the way to the top. It costs $1.99, but will give you weeks of entertainment.


One of the coolest Android app features is the ability for anyone to create games and share them openly. OpenSudoku allows you to play user-generated Sudoku puzzles. This endless generation means you will never have to buy a Sudoku book again.

Zen Pinball HD

Zen Pinball HD is one of the coolest Android apps with some astonishing graphics. It is primarily just a classic pinball game, but because of its expansive size, it is best played on an Android tablet instead of a smartphone.

Replica Island

Out of all of the best Android games on the market, Replica Island is perhaps the best platformer available. Imagine playing the original NES Mario, but on a much smaller scale and with a trackball instead of a d-pad.
Replica Island
Replica Island


In all of its simplicity, Drop is one of the best Android games for those who have short attention spans. Simply move your phone to get the ball through the holes before you get crushed.

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