8 of the Best Free iPhone Apps for Organization and Productivity

Find My Car

Being creative means that your brain shifts from idea to idea all day long. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to get all of your ideas down and stay organized throughout the week. If you find yourself falling behind on your creative work, you may need a little bit of help getting your administrative tasks in order. Fortunately, the Apple App Store carries some of the best free iPhone apps for getting your life together in a jiffy. Here are some of the top free iPhone apps you should download if you feel your creativity is being hindered by a lack of organization.


This is one of the best free iPhone apps for making lists and managing tasks. Not only does it allow you to efficiently organize your tasks, it also has a geolocation feature that reminds you to finish errands when you are next to an important location.



Business cards seem like they have no place in the modern, digital era, but people still insist on using them. CardMunch is one of the best free apps for iPhone that allows you to take a photo of a business card and save the contact information to your LinkedIn account.


Evernote is one of the best free iPhone apps because of its powerful cloud storage capabilities. Take from any device with the app and access them wherever you have an internet connection.



Iffttt stands for “If this, then that“ and is an extremely powerful app that allows you to program and automate any task you can imagine. It can automatically back up photos you post to Facebook and even send you automatic reminders if you program it to do so.


This is one of the best free iPhone apps for people who refuse to organize their closets. Take photos of your outfits, tag them, and post them into the app. Cloth then checks the weather and recommends particular things to wear for the day.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid

Many people of the creative kind have a tough time keeping track of budgets and paying bills on time. Easy Envelope Budget Aid tracks spending on your debit and credit cards, tells you just what you’re spending all of your money on, and then warns you when you are spending too much.

Find My Car

Visiting the mall, attending a concert or going to a sporting event usually means parking in a labyrinth maze outside of the venue. Find My Car is a top free iPhone app that memorizes your car’s location and helps you find it after the event is over.
Find My Car
Find My Car


Have you ever forgotten to take your portable flash drive with you for an important creative meeting? LogMeIn allows you to control your computer from your iPhone and gives you access to the files you need with no headache.


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