10 Must Have Android Apps for Entertainment


For entertainment options, it is common knowledge that iPhone users get the best options for their entertainment app downloads. While this may be common knowledge, it is dead wrong. There are plenty of must have Android apps for entertainment that are guaranteed to make your life a more culturally-rich experience.

Instead of searching through the annals of Google Play to find Android apps geared towards your entertainment tastes, check out this list of must have Android Apps. Whether you prefer music, movies or just using social media to connect, there is something for everyone.


Gigbox is perfect if you attend a lot of concerts but don’t have enough time to keep up with your favorite artists’ touring lineups. This app detects your location and informs you of when your favorite artists are playing near you.

gigbox (1)


If you have a massive music library, JukeFox is a must have Android app. The program creates maps, tag clouds, downloads missing album covers and can even play your favorite music depending on your current mood.


Mobo Player

Mobile videos are becoming increasingly more popular, but producers are still using several different formats for their products. Mobo Player is a versatile video player that plays an array of formats without the need to download additional apps.



With Shazam, you never have to ask anyone what song is playing again. Simply turn the service on and Shazam searches a massive database of songs to tell you what you’re currently listening to.

Prank Call Free – Ownage Pranks

This is Ownage Pranks very own prank app where you can send funny prank calls to your friends or family. Listen and share the recordings, of the whole interaction. Great entertainment for everyone!


Android is all about customization and GoLocker gives you the opportunity to completely customize your lock screen so you can access your phone the way you want.

Flixster Movies

Flixster is one of the coolest Android apps for locating what movies are playing near your current location. It uses GPS to inform you that a nearby theater is having a showing soon.


This is a must have Android app if you’re into streaming yourself for a webcam, website or video conference. It gives you several easy options for maximum control of what your viewers see.


Updating your favorite photos to multiple social media sites can be a real time-consuming and unorganized taskt. PicPush is a must have Android app for posting all of your photos to various social media services in one fell swoop.


TuneWiki is one of the coolest Android apps if you want to sing along with your favorite music. Simply play any song from your preferred Android MP3 player and Tunewiki finds the lyrics and scrolls them as the song plays.


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