Updo Hairstyles for Long, Medium Hair


Hot Homecoming Updos That Are So Simple!

Schools all around the country are getting ready to celebrate homecoming! It’s a fun time packed with school spirit and football. But, anyone who’s endured high school knows that homecoming is all about the dance!

For guys, homecoming means throwing on a suit (or maybe even a rented tux!) and combing their hair. For girls, the process is a bit more complicated. It all starts with the perfect dress, and of course shoes to match! But it doesn’t end there! The dress and the shoes may seem like the most important part of the homecoming outfit, but the hair is what pulls it all together. You can have the perfect shoes and dress, but if you’re hair’s a hot mess, the entire look is ruined!

Wild and Curly Updo

If you have wild and curly hair, don’t fight it. You can use your curls to create some gorgeous homecoming updos, like this pile of curls accented with a pretty headband.

Curly Bun Updo

If you prefer tamer curly homecoming updos, a loose bun with pinned curls is a classic and sophisticated style. This curly updo can also be created with straight hair as well; just use a curling iron.

Loose Ballerina Bun

Ballerina buns are classy, chic, and great for most hair types! Ballerina buns also make great homecoming updos, since they’re relatively simple to do and they look fabulous!

Quick And Easy Updos For Medium Length Hair

Are you looking for easy updos for medium length hair? An updo looks classy and presentable on formal occasions. With your hair out-of-the-way, you feel comfortable and fashionable too. You do not need much time or effort to make a basic updo for medium length hair. A few bobby pins are all you need to arrange your hair in a stylish updo. The hairstyle is often determined your outfit. Classic updos look great with long dressy gowns.


You can go for elegant back buns or rolled up hairstyles to complement a formal outfit. A bun is a popular hairstyle that looks great with medium length hair. If your hair falls a little below the shoulders, you can pull it up into a tiny back bun. An elegant and easy hairstyle for formal occasions is the French twist. You can brush your hair back from the forehead and arrange it in a neat twisted hairstyle. Loosen up a few hair strands to create a fresh look. You can also side part your hair and arrange it in a simple updo. Leave a few layered strands to frame the forehead. A center parted bun updo hairstyle looks classy and balances your face.

French Twist Easy Updo

The hair is brushed back and puffed up to create this stunning updo hairstyle.


Center Parted Wavy Updo

The wavy hair is arranged in this elegant center parted updo hairstyle.

Medium Length Updo With Bangs

The medium length layers are arranged in this smart side parted updo with bangs.


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