Short Inspirational Tattoo Quotes Ideas


There are some movies in the world that are very well-received by the public because they are amazing movies that touch people’s lives in more than one way. Some people are so inspired by a movie, or a particular line from a movie, that they decide to take that line or quote and turn it into a great tattoo that they are proud to show off. Have you all ever seen a movie that touches you so much you can even quote every moment of it? Would you ever consider getting a movie quote tattoo?

We know that there are tons of movies out there that people have turned into really cool and creative tattoos. Once you get done looking at this list, you’ll have a new appreciation for some of the most famous movie quotes in the movie industry. Enough of our rambling though because we know you all want to see these great tattoos, so we’ll stop talking now. Are you ready to check out the list of movie quote tattoos? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now to let the fun begin.

Tale as Old as Time Beauty and the Beast Tattoo

The Disney movie Beauty and the Beast was an amazing movie, and this tattoo shows the first line in the song that everyone remembers in the movie.

Don’t Dream It Be It Rainbow Rose Tattoo

The Rocky Horror Picture Show had a line that talks about dreams, and this tattoo with the rainbow colored rose really shows that line perfectly.

Remember Who You Are Lion King Simba Tattoo

Another great Disney movie that had a lot of great lines in it was the Lion King. This tattoo was actually part of a wall painting, and its something that everyone always remembers about the movie.

You Have No Power Over Me Labyrinth Tattoo

Here is an amazing tattoo from the movie Labyrinth, and this line is one of the most prominent lines in the whole film that really sticks with people.


Intriguing Chest Tattoo Quotes

Are you looking for powerful quotes to inscribe on your chest forever? You can choose your favorite sayings and have them literally placed near your heart as chest tattoos.

That is how Chest Tattoo quotes work their magic on the viewer.
When someone looks at your bare chest with the tattoo, they get an idea of your unique story, dreams and ambitions. The classic Chest Tattoo is guaranteed to get anyone’s attention.

Meaningful Chest Quote Tattoos offer an intimate look at your inner world, in one line or two. By keeping your tattoo close to your heart, you are simply showing the world what means the most to you. You can go for one-liner tattoo quotes, tracing them from one collarbone to another. These curvy designs make a powerful ornament for your chest. Chest tattoos for men — a muscular chest with words inked in colorful designs look stunning, especially when they are paired with visual elements like a rose or a face.

Hope Flies Tattoo

Cute birds hold a scroll with a hopeful message, in this elaborate chest quote tattoo. Live fort Today. Hope for Tomorrow. This optimistic chest tattoo is needed especially for those who constantly find themselves struggling with their life. The birds and flowers around this quote just completes this cool tattoo.

Music Tattoo Quote

Waves of musical notes dance below this chest tattoo quote saying, ‘How Sweet the Sound’. Musicians who want to share their love and passion for music can get this chest tattoo. Quote tattoos are also great to showcase a specific hobby and/or interest.

Bond Of Family Quote

This ornamental chest tattoo inked across the collar bone says ‘Family is Forever’. Quote Tattoos are one of the better ways to remember your life motto to inspire you when times are tough.


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