Symbolic spiritual meaning of butterfly tattoos


Why should you get a butterfly tattoo? When you see this beautiful insect fluttering around, do you imagine that the butterfly symbol is powerful and deep?

Flying around the world for years, the butterfly has been given a deep meaning by almost all the great civilisations, religions and spiritual traditions on earth.

Butterfly Earth, Unleash Butterfly Symbolism and How to Use It to Improve Your Life!

What is the spiritual meaning of the butterfly? What does it mean to see a butterfly? The butterfly is one of the most symbolic animals about the power of personal transformation. When you see one of them walking in the sky, it means that you will soon undergo some changes and/or individual adaptations!

In this case, focus on areas of your life and/or aspects of your personality that require profound changes and/or changes. Seeing the butterfly is always a significant symbol of transition and the butterfly omen is not something you should ignore. The butterfly is a sign of transformation from an old life to a new life, from a state of ignorance to a state of awareness — a Hard Life for a Better Life.

What does it mean when a butterfly alight on you?

Without meaningless, the butterfly has no chance to pass through, and the butterfly that you hit on superstition is not something you need to worry about. When this happens, check which areas of your life need change and think deeply about it.

By behaving like this, you will soon discover the butterfly meaning of this meeting. When you pass through a butterfly, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think about your current situation or think of a problem that you have to deal with.

What does it mean when a butterfly fly around you?

This may indicate the need to pay attention to the signs that are presenting themselves to you, as well as a reminder to believe in your natural spiritual abilities.

What does it mean when a butterfly come behind you? In some cultures, it represents the presence of a deceased relative. It serves to remind you that spiritual beings are watching over you. If you believe it deeply in the butterfly meaning, the solution to your issue will come to your mind quickly.

Try to be consistent with your period of expansion and development. During these times, do your best to improve your situation and/or change whatever is in your thoughts, your words or your actions.

But you have to develop your listening skills and ability to go through significant changes with grace and acceptance, never try anyway to make a decision, because you will fail!

Working in this way, you can fully benefit from Butterfly Earth.

There are other meanings based on civilisations. Only a few examples are given below, but an online search will allow you to find many others.


In traditional Chinese and ancient Greek cultures, the butterfly is a symbol of immortality. In ancient Greek culture, it is also a symbol of the soul. The biblical meaning of the butterfly is a resurrection.

Also, in Greek mythology, Psyche, a princess who was raised to the rank of a goddess, is represented as a girl with wings that looks very much like a butterfly.

The term “psychoanalysis” derives from “manas”, which in Greek denotes both butterfly and human.

Butterfly colours and their significance.

If an orange butterfly flies near you or even on land, it can indicate various things. Some believe that the meaning of the orange butterfly varies depending on its shade, with bright colours representing spiritual aspects and dark colours showing emotional elements.

The orange butterfly is usually associated with passion. It can remind us of the sun and therefore gives life to itself. What is the symbolism related to an orange butterfly? Well, in many cultures, it is a symbol of our ability to change consciousness and our awareness.

Interacting with an orange butterfly can be a reminder of the joys of life, or an incentive to connect more with the world by being outgoing and sociable.

Of course, butterflies rarely appear in a solid colour, and so we must consider the meaning behind a black and white butterfly or a yellow and black butterfly.

A yellow and white butterfly meaning change. It represents death: as the end of a significant life cycle, but also a positive difference. It could be that your current job will be replaced with something better or a toxic relationship will end, and one will be thrown open the door, which is balanced and based on mutual love.

What does symbolism relate to a black and white butterfly? If you have recently lost a loved one, the black colour of this butterfly represents death, while the white colour serves to remind you that your loved one is not gone.

They are trying to reach you. They may have unfinished business or want to share knowledge or words of wisdom with you.

A butterfly black and white colour should be seen as an incentive to embrace your spirituality and indicate that your spiritual journey is in full swing, whether you have decided to start it or not.

The meaning of the butterfly may vary slightly depending on the species. You do not need to have an in-depth knowledge of the butterfly species, but you should be aware of what an emperor butterfly looks like. Monarch butterfly means expansion and amplification.

To give you an example, the yellow emperor butterfly would have the same meaning as almost any other yellow butterfly, except the yellow purpose would be amplified, meaning that the good news is imminent, possibly right around the corner and this positive change is bringing the immense.

You should see the yellow emperor butterfly as a good omen: reminds me of the great things that are going to happen in your life.

Furthermore, if the butterfly is a symbol of an upcoming change or transformation, its symbolism depends on the colour of this butterfly. This is why it’s good to get a butterfly tattoo!


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