Prettiest Summer Nail Colors


Vibrant Orange Nail Art Designs For Summer

Orange nail art is rather unexpected sometimes. Orange isn’t usually a color that we see gracing the nails, which makes it that much better, especially if you’re looking or something a little unique!

Most of us probably tend to think of orange nail designs as being reserved for Halloween. If we own orange nail polish, it probably sits on the shelf or in the drawer until October. But, that seems like such a waste doesn’t it? Why leave it alone when orange is such a perfect and vibrant color for summer?

Ombre Orange Nails

For some really simple orange nail art, just paint each nail a slightly different shade of orange, going from dark to light.

Orange Diamond Pattern Nails

Use nail striping tape over white nails to create this awesome diamond pattern nail design!

Blue Orange Slice Nails

Orange slices are a fun and awesome summer nail art design!

Easy Nail Art Designs For Summer

Easy nail art designs are great any time of the year, but they’re especially fun for summer! When the weather turns warm, we can throw off those gloves and dig out the flip-flops. It’s the perfect time to have a little fun and show of our nail art skills!

Easy summer nail art designs can be created with all different colors. Bright colors, neons, and pastels are perfect for creating summer nail art! You can also add just about any design from basic lines and shapes to more complex summer-themed images. But, we’re just going to stick with some easy nail art designs for summer today. Most of these can be created with nail polish and nail art tools you already have. The designs may look complex at first glance, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see that they’re really very easy nail art designs to pull off!

White and Rainbow Striped Nail Art

These bright colors just scream summer fun! To pull off this look, paint your nails with a white base, and thin nail brushes to create stripes. You can also place several strips of nail art striping tape on your nails and carefully paint a different color between them.

Pastel Gradient Nail Art

For those of you who are looking for more subdued easy nail art designs for summer, we have this pastel gradient design. Gradient nail art is usually created by painting overlapping stripes onto a small piece of sponge and pressing it onto the nails. Use a white base coat to make the colors more noticeable.

Easy Nail Art Designs With Colorful French Tips

Finally, who says that French tips have to be white? Shake up your boring French tip nail art routine by adding a little color this summer. You can use a pretty pink, cool blue, funky orange, or sunny yellow instead. Or, if you can’t choose just one color, use all of them!

Pretty And Shiny Gold Nail Designs

There are many colors that go great together, and some that you might not think of putting together like pink and gold. However, the softness of pink, and the fancy aspect of gold, make them perfect partners in any scenario even nail designs! Don’t believe us? Well keep on reading and you will soon be convinced!

We have gathered up Pretty and Shiny Gold Nail Designs to show you just how great pink and gold can look together. Once you are done looking at the list, you will understand just how great these two colors complement one another! Ready to check out the pretty nails? Go ahead and scroll down now to let the fun begin!


Robust Pink with Gold Designs, Gold Glitter and One Gold Nail

Robust pink is a great color because it has a hint of purple in it, but the gold designs, gold glitter, and gold nail, really make these nails look like they belong to royalty!

Plain Nails with Pink Tips and One Gold Tip

Who said the whole nail has to be painted pink and gold? This woman has decided to go with a simpler look, and has actually just had the tips of her nails with the gold and pink tips.

Dark Pink Nails with Gold Nails

This woman has done eight out of nails in a lovely dark pink color, but she has also included a couple of gold nails, which really makes her hands look great. What do you think of the gold nails mixed in with pink?

Cheery And Trendy Yellow Nail Art Designs For Summer

Summer is coming and modern girls are probably itching to try out some new cheery nail art designs. And, yellow is the ultimate bright and cheery color for summer styles! Nail art designs are also a great way to add a little something extra to your summer style too. If you want to keep your look updated this summer, you can try your hand at some trendy yellow nail art!

Chevron Yellow Nail Art

Chevron nail art designs are super trendy right now, and these interesting chevron designs on yellow nails are cute and perky and perfect for summer!

Yellow and Black Tribal Nail Design

A black tribal design turned these nails into an awesome trendy yellow nail art design!

Yellow Negative Space Nail Art

Here’s another trendy yellow nail art designs that uses black polish and negative space to create a modern look.

Fruity Kiwi Nails

Kiwi nails are fun nail art designs to sport during the summer months. Or, if you’re so inclined, at any other time of the year, but, kiwi fruit just have a tropical warm feel to them, making them better suited for warm weather. I’m thinking kiwi nails would be perfect for backyard BBQ’s , a day at the beach or pool, or just a casual day hanging out with friends.

Some gorgeous kiwi nail art might looks like it takes forever to compete, but you might be surprised. Many designs are really very easy. Most women can create their own kiwi nails with the right colors of nail polish and a couple simple nail art tools, like a dotting tool and thin nail brush.

Quick and Easy Kiwi Nail Tutorial

These cute kiwi nails are super easy to create, and they look gorgeous!

Fun Kiwi Nail Tip Design

Don’t you just love the creative spin on the tips of these kiwi nails?

Simple Half Circle Kiwi Nails

White half circles and polka dots in this kiwi manicure are simple to paint, but they make an awesome kiwi nail art design!


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