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free business card templates

Really Useful Free Business Card Templates

Being different is the mantra for success. When you meet your client for the first time, the first thing you do is to hand over your business card to the client. That way, the client will have a really easy time locating your contact information in the future. This is a great way to promote yourself and look more professional and to make sure that your potential clients stay in touch with you.

With a great business card template design, you will be able to stand out in your client’s mind.
In other words, when you hand over your business card to them, you want to make sure you “wow” them with the design of your business card. You want it to look as nice and as professional as possible.

Free Vector Business Card Templates

The best thing about these Free Vector Business Card Templates is that you can change the size of the business cards in the dimensions you like without worrying about distorting the image.

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Free Blank Business Card Templates

Free Blank Business Card Templates gives you an opportunity to create and design your business cards in the way you like. You can go for any of these free Blank Business Card Templates or mix any two designs.

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Free Printable Business Card Templates

Free Printable Business Card Templates makes your work much simpler, just fill in the details and your Business cards are ready to print. Its as simple as that.

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Free Business Card Templates For Word

Free Business Card Templates For Word are of a great help to those who find working on Photoshop or Illustrator little tough. With Free Business Card Templates For Word you can create your own business cards.

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Awesome Designer Business Cards

A business card is a necessity for business men from all kinds of backgrounds. However, when it comes to designers, business cards acquire a different meaning. Designers, as we know, are professionals who decorate and spruce up the business portfolios of others business men and organizations. They themselves are experts in designing and understand the finer nuances of various marketing tools and techniques. Therefore, it is generally thought that their business card can be easily styled which is true to a certain extent but the degree of competition is so high in this field that you have to look quite different from others.

The designer business cards need to be created with precision and care so that the skills of the professional are conveyed properly. It must have a decent and catchy look. Now a days, a lot depends on how you market yourself and therefore, the business cards should be the very best and you must stand out from the rest. These formal introductory notes can weave magic with their look and get you cool assignments. So, don‘t waste time and get started with these 30 designer business cards samples with beautiful displays and colors. They will give you wonderful ideas and clues on how to cast the spell.


Black card with a cut out design having red shade which looks vibrant and is in line with game designing business.


The white backdrop designed with red stripe makes for an interesting contrast on the card.

Soothing Shades

Sky blue and white together create a serene, clean look and are easy on the eyes.

Sweet Pink Business Cards

Business cards are the most conventional and effective way of reaching out to clients and making networks in the business circle. Their charm and functionality is still very much alive and handing out a business card after a formal hello and how do you do is still an unwritten norm among the business people. When the influence of cards is so much, the card must also look great and this depends a lot on the color of the card. Though people go for subdued shades normally, softness and glamour are the trending shades these days. So, how about pink?

This color of universal love is a mix of red and white. It exhibits the radiance and purity of both the hues. Women and children related services especially use pink in their business cards. The softness and pleasant vibes coming out from pink business cards are not only fit for the aforementioned segments but they also gel well with other hardcore business lines. Since, we are living in times where the gender dichotomy is on the wane, getting pink would only establish your fair credentials. Here we have 30 pink business cards from which you can get an in-depth idea about their nature and display. Have a look.

Corporate Style

White and pink make for a pretty combination and the cool logo along with crisp details lends a professional look to the card.

Cherry Blossom Business Card

This card design with floral prints is so lovely that no one can take his eye off once they are set on it.


The white dialogue bubble and the black stripes bearing information create an ordered and proper design.

Great Looking Metal Business Cards

Business Cards may be old school, but it is still the most effective and sought after direct Business promotion method. With Metal Business Cards, the game has become bigger and better.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, and want some thing different and unique as your Business stationary, Metal Business Cards are your best choice. It is not necessary to give metal business cards to every single customer, you can have this special card for special clients.


You can’t help but get noticed. So go on and impress your clients with Metal Business Cards.The unique and creative design and material of Metal Business cards is enough to make sure that your Business card is given the attention it deserve. Add style to your Business card and don’t become a clutter of paper business cards.

Impuls Business Card

Check The Design Of Impuls Business Card

Awesome metal business card

Check The Design Of Awesome metal business card

Metal Steel Business Cards Laser Cut

Check The Design Of metal_steel_business_cards__laser_cut_-barbato

Outstanding New Business Cards

The history of business cards is quite old and it seems to be getting more rich and varied with each passing day. We might have become very high-tech in our commercial approaches but the formal method of networking and creating client base through business cards has not lost its charm. It is still very widespread. In fact, new and better designs are being created each day and business men are looking for more creative and fancy ideas. This has kept the designers on their toes and the result is clear in the form of new business cards that are a rage today

The new business cards utilize the trendy designs and concepts. They are created keeping in mind the needs of the clients and what will strike a chord with their clients in turn, so that both benefit from each other‘s contact. In this post we have compiled 30 new business cards with dew fresh designs and motifs. Just browse through them and you will be amazed with the cool and creative variety. We are sure that before leaving you will pick one or two of them as design ideas for your future business cards.

Shoelace Business Card

This one takes the cake in terms of creativity as the idea of presenting thin shoelaces as cards is unique.

Exclusive Business Card

Salon business card designed in the shape of a musical comb looks groovy.


This purple business card of a marketing agency with white typography is catchy.

Awesome Transparent Business Cards

Transparent Business cards are used by businessmen and professionals to give a oomph factor to their business stationary. Transparent Business cards are used to expand the business and make an distinguished image among the masses. With all its varieties and rainbow of colors, it leaves a long lasting impact on the mind of viewers.

Transparent Business cards are loved because you can add loads of special effects to the design. These cards are also more durable than the traditional one and are long lasting. This article shows you 30 different ways to make your brand presence feel in a special way with these Transparent Business Cards.

Exclusive Transparent Business

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Zoo Business card

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Transparent Business Card

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Top Business Card Websites

A business card is the simplest and most effective way to promote your business. Having a business card will surely help you get notice of your clients and it is also very helpful in brand promotion. An impressive and creative business card will leave a nice and remarkable consciousness of you on your clients as well as potential clients when you will hand it over to them.

If you are looking for innovative business card designs to promote your brand and business, you are surely at the right place. Here we have a list of 20 business card websites which will solve your issue of the hassle of searching that perfect card design for your company or brand. Starting from the content to be written to logo placement and all the interactive elements, these websites include affluent business card galleries incorporating answer to all your diverse creative demands. Have a look at this utterly useful list of 20 business card websites below.


Gallery of creative, unique and unusual business cards.


Visit Ucreative for your love for designs in general and you may also fabulous business cards designs here.


Find creative business card designs, UI elements, wallpapers and lots of design freebies on Creattica.

Embossed Business Cards

Every business and profession needs an identity and recognition. When we meet our prospective clients, the first thing that most of us do after a firm handshake, is to handover the business card to the client. But a client may have several other business cards at his workplace.

Thus you need to give a extra touch to your business card to make a special place in client‘s mind and work station. A plain white business card is sure to get lost in the pile of other business cards.

Blind Embossed Business Cards

Blind emboss is a technique when embossing or debossing is applied to blank paper, while a registered emboss is applied to offset printing or a foil stamp to create a relief effect.

Foil Embossed Business Cards

A foil embossed business card will give a different look which catches more attention to itself. You can use it to print the name of your company, your logo or even an image that projects your business. When images are embossed this way, they stand out a lot more and looks appealing as well. So unleash your creativity to fullest.

Custom Embossed Business Cards

Custom Embossed Business Cards makes your card different and easy to locate amongst several other business cards. You can add several premium features and grabs an instant liking of the onlooker.


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