Hottest Red Hair Color Ideas to Try Now


Bold And Bright Red Hair Color Ideas

Bright red hair color is colorful, trendy, and bold look. It’s not for the faint of heart, though, as it’s not an ordinary color. Bright red hair color is more for the adventurous soul; those looking for a little spice int heir lives, if you will.

The nice things about red hair color is that the different hues and shades can go with just about any complexion or natural hair color. There are cool and warm shades of red, as well as bright and deep shades of red. Bright red hair color even looks nice in auburn or naturally red hair, which isn’t something that you can say about all unnatural hair colors. The biggest requirement a person needs to pull off a bright red hair color is confidence and a fiery personality!

Bright Red Straight Hair

Get blazin’ and brazen with straight bright red hair!

Deep Red Wavy Hair

This deep red hair color is a little ore subdued than bright red hair, but it’s gorgeous in its own right!

Short Bright Red Haircut

Jazz up a short haircut by dying hair bright red.

On Fire Red Hairstyles

Red hairstyles are kind of the “in thing” right now so we thought that it would be cool to put up another list revolving around popular red hairstyles. To be exact, this list consists of 9 On Fire Red Hairstyles. We are confident that you will like this list and hope that you’ll take the time to share it with a few friends. If you’ve always been scared to dye your hair red, don’t be! It looks great on just about anyone in the world as long as you know what you’re doing. This list will serve as inspiration and will help you learn how to pull it off.

So, without further delay, scroll down and take a look at the hip red hairstyles below. We hope that you like each and every one of them but we know that this isn’t possible. That’s why we also included some links to other great posts at the end of this list. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, be sure to check out those other links. This will ensure that you leave the site with what you came here for and that you’ll come back for more.

Rockin Red Hair

This red hair style really is on fire!

Short Red Hair

What a cool short red hair-do.


Straight Red Hair

Let’s straighten things up with this straight red hairstyle!

Sexy Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

Red hair with blonde highlights looks rocking, and if you have decided to go for it, make sure you also wear a fiery attitude to carry it off perfectly. Red hair might look really bad at times, and blonde highlights can work wonders in balancing the all-red look.

You may combine blonde highlights with various tones of red, depending upon what may suit your taste and personality. The combination is in itself bold, therefore you must seek professional advice to get the best for your hair and style.

Bold Red Hair

Fiery effect of blonde lowlights on bold red hair.

The Girl With The Red Hair

Streak your wavy edges with light blonde to get sparkling effect on your red hair.

Nadi Hairstyle

If you do not want too much blonde, just highlight a couple of lower friends.

Astounding Red Hairstyles

Red is an amazing color for hair, and can bring out the brightness and life of most hairstyles, be they long, extra short or somewhere in between. There is a deep electric fire in red shades that comes out in hairstyles and gives them a fresh dimension. The palette within the single color red can vary from red that has a watermelon feel, to hair that looks charcoal fire like, to hair that is touched with a chestnut-brown for a rich look. Many red hairstyles are also touched with black to give a fresh and contemporary look to the hairstyle.

Whether you have naturally red hair, or plan to dye it a shade of red to give yourself a brand new look, Red Hairstyles have a fantastic magic of their own. The simple hairstyle of bangs and layers on the sides looks amazing when it is shaded a deep red. If you have curly hair you can dye it a chestnut-brown touched red, and go for layers on the sides or put your hair up into a fresh hairdo. You can also touch up the bottom strands of your long red hair with pink, to give a great look to your long open hairstyle with bangs. Styling your hair in a choppy fashion gives it an edgy look, and when it is colored a bright red it can give a completely punk appeal. For a retro look that is formal in feel you can get your red hair styled with rollers with elegant smooth waves framing your forehead. Red is a hair color that is just right for high drama, so you can put up your fiery red hair in a thick wavy updo with a few strands casually falling around your face.

Red Wine

The side parting framing the forehead goes well with the thick waves in this deep red wine colored long hairstyle.

Red Glam

Punkred Hairstyle

The smooth curvy front bangs make a great pair with the locks coming down the sides of the face in this shoulder length punk fashion red hairstyle.


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