Friendship Tattoos That Mark Your Friendship Bonds


Cool Friendship Tattoos

Friends are forever and there is nothing merrier than having best friends and sharing good as well as bad times together with them. Your best friends are special, because they are not attached to you by blood, but still you feel the warmth of belonging. Friendship is such a blessing of God that, we should celebrate it forever. To make your friendship stronger and permanent, you can have a friendship tattoo inked. ­ ­

If you have world‘s best friends and you want to give a lifelong tribute to your friendship with them, what will be better than having a cool friendship tattoo? Here, we have showcased an array of 15 cool friendship tattoos in a picture gallery, which are absolutely cool and trendy. The designs in the pictures mentioned below are superb dedication to your friend and these pictures will give you superb ideas if you want some personal touch in your tattoo and make a customized design which will touch your friendship from deep inside.

Red And Black Friends Tattoo

Arabic Friends Tattoo

Chinese Friends Tattoo

Small Tattoos For Girls Which Looks Really Cute

It’s actually trendy for a girl to get a small tattoo on her body. A small tattoo can enhance your style statement subtly without actually making you look loud or an extremist fashionista. Girls are dainty, so small tattoos are perfect for their bodies.


Wear your desired design wherever you want and you will look classy. Since we are talking about girly small tattoos, the designs have to be sweet, feminine and simple. That way, the tattoo will look truly beautiful on the female form. If you have a wild side, you can show it off in a small tattoo and you will look like a true blue rocker chick! Without a doubt it will also get some attention from the guys! These are just some of the reasons as to why women are getting small tattoos put on their bodies. If you’re thinking about getting a small tattoo, you will love the list we have compiled for you below. This list will definitely inspire your own small tattoo design.

Eld Tattoo

Awesome small tattoo that simply rocks.

Seahorse Tattoo

A small sea horse head outline tattoo on wrist.

Small Tattoos: Linguistic Feature Tattoos

Symbolic tattoo to commemorate the completion of her MA degree in linguistics.


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