How to Choose Colors for Your Dress?


Choosing a dress to wear in a party or any other type of event, is not that tough but when it comes to color and style, it becomes hard. You must be thinking why it would be tough? Because you just know that you’re going to go with pink or black. Then again, have you thought that you will not be able to wear that black in someone’s wedding other than a funeral? 

Choosing dresses always depends on the event you are going, also with some other things you need to decide before you jump and make the purchase. Starting from your skin color, your eyes and so many other things should be considered when you are about to choose a dress. Here, check the tips below. 

The color of your eyes

The owners of pretty eyes women should choose the dresses that will bring out the color of their dress. If you have brown amber or hazel eyes then you must choose the warmer shades, like brownish, and you can go for magenta, a deeper yellow and so on. If you have blue, green or gray eyes then go for cool colors. The color of your eyes will always bring out the best of your entire feature and all eyes will be on you in that cocktail attire. 

The color of your skin

You can have any type of skin color, all you have to do is to look at that kind and then go for the color of the dress. If you have lightly dark skin then you can go with red, black, but avoid light colors like, yellow and stark white, because that will make your complexion look darker whether you are not that dark. If you want to go with blue and you have whitish skin, go for cobalt or Prussian ones and you will become the glowing star of the entire evening. Also, get these dress options from JJ’s House. 

Preferred jewelry

Go for any jewelry you like with the dress you have chosen. But you need to look at the color of the dress you have chosen. Will it go with gold or silver, decide first. In this case, based on your skin tone you can go for gold or silver ones, and you have to ensure the tone of the accessories matches with your gown. 

Go for trends

Do you follow Twitter or any other social media platform, best in the first one; you will get to know about the latest trends. Choose which types of dresses are going popular this year or will be in the next. The color, style and everything else- check them, and you will not fall behind when your friends flaunt their outfits in a party. 


There are different complexion on men and women and based on that one should choose their dress color. This thought will enhance the sense of style in you and no one will tell you that you look odd in that dress. So, let’s check it out. 

Fair or pale skin

Are you the owner of a fair skin? You look for some shade to hide from the sun all the time. When you are blessed with milky complexion, then, you are lucky. You can always rock the darker colors for your dress. Such as brown, gray, burgundy, bottle green, navy and other bolder shades of blue will look perfect on you. All of these will be a perfect contrast to your skin tone. However, if you go for pastel shades or bright ones it will wash out your complexion and you will not stand out wearing that dress you have so dearly bought. The same thing goes for the neutrals too. You must avoid white, stone or light beige, but stylists would recommend going with khaki, slate grey and camel types of shades. This will be your way of mixing light colors with darker. 

The olive or warm tone

If you have got this color tone, which looks warm and you are prone to suntan, you can choose colors that look good on fair complexion. Most of the colors look good on this type of skin tone. Here, you can opt for the best shades, which can be a little brighter or darker than the normal sense. You can go for pale beige, not the color of warm sand when you are choosing to go for light neutrals. You can try bold shades of purple, but not mauve. For instance, on the summer days, you can go for, white jeans, paired with a dark color jacket and it will make you stand out in the herd of fashionistas. 

As your skin has the greenish or yellow undertones, you must avoid wearing these colors. You should not go for nude shades, because the cloth will blend with your skin tone. If you want to go for pastel on pastel, you have to ensure that your skin is tanned enough; otherwise, it will look washed out.

Darker skin

This is much like the medium skin. With this type, you can go with any color with having much trepidation. You can always wear bold colors, but you have to make sure it matches with your entire outfit. You don’t have the risk of looking washed out with a color choice like the pale ones have. You can go for the jade green, cobalt blue, royal blue and any other shades of the same. In neutrals, you can pick, gray, navy, pristine white. You must avoid going for orange and yellows. Also, brown is not for you, this will bleed in your skin and you might look like a zombie out of its grave! While black and navy is your color and it will look formal to casual and you must keep these colors in your closet. 

There is also a neutral skin tone, where you should choose colors like, jade green dusty pink, lagoon blue, and corn silk yellow. You can even go for neutral colors like off-whites, coffee, mid-range grays and so on. You must avoid colors such as electric blue, and magenta. 

A fun event is not only about the dress or its color, but the people attending it. Whether you are going alone or with your friends, choose the best dress matched with your skin tone, and have so much fun. Also, don’t fear the dress budget, because the collection might go out. 


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