6 Romantic Chandeliers That Are The Best For A Wedding Décor


The first thing that everybody wants from their wedding is a good mood and ambience for the guests, the friends and the relatives who will attend your wedding. As your wedding is an official initiation of your relationship with the most special person in this world and it goes without saying that you want your near and dear ones to feel what you are feeling. It can be relied on by organizing a wedding so romantic that the dullest of people cheer for you and your amour. 

But don’t worry, we know how to set the mood just right! The answer lies in the dazzling lights that encompass the wedding venue. Yes, you guessed it right! You need to focus on your wedding light to create the perfect ambience. Nobody can refuse that the Moroccan Chandeliers with a golden glow in a dimly lit venue excelled by the in budget wedding decorators in Delhi is something very difficult to miss out. And hence, we have a blog dedicated to this special lighting that can leave your guests awestruck. 

6 Romantic Chandeliers For Wedding Décor

We have listed six chandeliers that are not just romantic but also very gorgeous and can match your wedding exuberance with the utmost ease. 

  1.       The Mason Jar Chandelier

 The first one on our list is the elegant Mason jar chandelier. It goes without saying that everybody on the internet looking for wedding décor ideas are pinning quirky mason jar ideas. These cute jars not only embark the beauty of rustic themed weddings. The best part is that the jar is not just attractive but also very cost effective to add to your wedding décor


  1.       The Floral Chandelier 

 Followed by the Mason jar chandelier, we have the floral chandelier. The floral chandelier is a very fresh addition to the wedding décor. If you are planning to organize your wedding in winters or in the morning, then this chandelier can add positivity and freshness to the venue better than any type of chandelier. 


  1.       The Candlestick Chandelier

 Then the next one on our list is a candlestick that is a perfect fit for the indoor wedding venue, like the banquet halls. As this is a very grand chandelier and can add a lot of charm if hung upon a closed ceiling, as it will draw the eyes of the guests towards the exquisitely made chandelier. The design of the chandelier appears like a candlestick embellished with more designs. 

  1.       The Crystal Chandelier

 Followed by the candlestick chandelier, we have the very classy and elegant crystal chandelier. This chandelier type is one of the most classic and common types of lighting that is added in the weddings. It is often paired with starry fairy lights in the background, or with lacy or regal curtains. Do not forget to click a beautiful picture with your significant other as this chandelier in the background. 

  1.       The Moroccan Chandelier

The Moroccan chandelier fits the best with all the ethnic wedding décor ideas. And if you are looking for a wedding theme of the similar type then the Moroccan chandelier can be the best option. These chandeliers look very identical to lanterns and when you look at them closely, they even have the motifs just like the Moroccan architecture. 


  1.       The Modern Abstract Chandelier

The last one on our list is something you don’t see very often at weddings but can add a very romantic vibe to the wedding. The modern abstract chandelier is something that can add glamour and elegance to your wedding by avoiding all the heavy and gaudy designs. These are usually very minimalistic and add the exact amount of romance to the wedding ambience. 


Bonus Tip- You can also go for the lantern chandelier, the golden chandelier, the silver chandelier or even the rustic chandelier; these all are the best types of chandeliers that can convey the bond you both share in the form of light. We hope our list will help you decide upon a good chandelier. Don’t forget to embellish these as the centerpieces, as the magnificence of these beautifully lit chandeliers can be the highlight of your wedding! To book best decorators for your wedding, please visit India’s largest online wedding market.


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