5 Must Have Portrait Retouching Photoshop Tutorials


It‘s a digital world, which means digital techniques like Photoshop tutorials have become the go-to solutions for improving portrait photography. More and more photographers have come to rely on digital image retouching to keep up with the demand for flawless photographs. Slick SLR digital cameras capture the image, and Photoshop is the best way to turn those awesome photographs into sheer perfection. Even photographers who still use analog cameras are turning to Photoshop to apply final touches that make portraits beautiful and ethereal.

From repairing fine lines, freckles or wrinkles to adding, altering or removing specific facial features, Photoshop tutorials are the professional portrait photographer‘s choice for on the fly facial enhancements outside of the camera. Check out this round-up of some of the most valuable Photoshop tutorials for improving portrait photography currently available on the Internet.

1. Basic Facial Retouching Tutorial

For subtle improvements to an already good portrait, follow this easy-to-use facial retouching tutorial. It quickly eliminates fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and many other imperfections resulting in a softer and smoother, yet realistic looking portrait.

Facial Retouch

2. Whiten Teeth Quickly and Easily

Sometimes the model is almost perfect aside from a few minor flaws. Instead of having to choose a model that doesn‘t quite fit in with the theme of the image, now photographers can use a model that best meets their needs and repair those flaws outside of the camera. This simple teeth whitening tutorial can turn a yellow smile into a more radiant and beautiful expression.

white teeth
Whiten Teeth


3. Change Your Model‘s Eye Color in a Flash

Why does eye color matter? Because in many cases, the photographer must color match an item or element inside the photograph. Of all the Photoshop tutorials available online, this is one of the most useful because it allows photographers to fill each client‘s request without finding a model with the right eye color. This tutorial is especially valuable for advertising photographers or book/CD cover art photographers.

eye color
Eye Color in a Flash

4. Turn Thin Eyelashes into Lush, Vibrant Lashes

Full, thick eyelashes can make a simple portrait dramatic and glamorous, but unfortunately, it isn‘t always easy to find models who meet this criterion naturally. Instead of using messy false eyelashes that never seem to stay in place, consider using one of the many Photoshop tutorials geared towards improving natural eyelashes. This one in particular is easy-to-perform and natural-looking.

Vibrant Lashes

5. Make Hair the Star of Your Photographs

Sometimes, a model‘s hair is the primary focus of a photograph. While there are many hair-processing Photoshop tutorials on the Web, this one provides clear, easy-to-process written instructions along with a full array of screenshots, illustrations and photographs. If you need to recolor or otherwise adjust your model‘s natural tresses, give this simple tutorial a try.

Hair as the Star



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