5 Free HTML5 Templates that Are Fresh and Responsive

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Professionally designed and responsive free HTML5 templates are quickly becoming more and more popular among business owners and novice web developers and with good reason. While most elements of this newest version of HTML are the same as its predecessors, HTML4 and XHTML, it is the newer components such as intelligent coding for video or audio (as opposed to embedding bulky files) and named page structure elements that are taking the web design world by storm. Add to this already heady mix of pure functionality the potential for better search engine indexing and improved accessibility features and you can see how HTML5 is the best solution for serious Internet power. One way to acquire a slice of this power without having to learn a new coding language from the ground up is by using free HTML5 templates for your web projects.

The following round-up of free HTML5 templates give designers a head start in learning the latest coding language while providing stunning and responsive finished websites.

Attractive Restaurant Business Template

Elegant design and clean color palettes are the first things to attract web browsers while a slick and functional jQuery slider keeps them hooked to the last page. Check out the live demo for this template here. The template also offers plenty of room to showcase special dishes, embed detailed menus and provide customers with all the information they need to make a reservation.


Attractive Restaurant Business

Vivid Photo HTML5 Template

Maximum functionality and unmatched responsiveness are the most attractive features of this template. Perfect for photographers who want a single page site that works as well as a website with multiple pages. The cross browser compatibility and cool jQuery slider makes this one of the freshest free HTML5 templates available.

Vivid Photo HTML5

Vivid Photo HTML5


Superior Business HTML5 Website

Business owners rejoice! This free template might be the answer to your prayers. With ample room for product and service descriptions along with pricing and shopping cart options, none of your wares will go unnoticed. A multi-functional jQuery slider enables you to quickly and easily highlight the products you most want to move.

Superior Business HTML5 Website

Superior Business HTML5

Vibrant and Colorful Real Estate Template

If you‘re in the real estate business and long to break away from the bleak and monotone world of real estate websites, prepare to be dazzled. This makes the list of top free HTML5 templates due to its out-of-the-box approach to the online real estate industry. Top features include bold, vivid colors, responsive navigational elements and elegantly arranged article or content modules.

Vibrant and Colorful Real Estate

Vibrant and Colorful Real Estate

Beautiful and Functional Photography or Art Portfolio

Photographers and artists need websites that are at least as good as the work they want to showcase. This example is one of the best free HTML5 templates for creating an attractive and highly functional portfolio website. The template comes with a full featured gallery page, sitemap, contact page and more.

Art Portfolio

Art Portfolio

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  1. Wow these HTML5 Templates design are looking awesome and the Superior Business HTML5 Website templates is cool templates design .

  2. ‘Beautiful and Functional Photography or Art Portfolio’ would look great as a showcase website for peoples art and other concepts. Really nice and its free.


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