4 Hairstyles for Athletes

crew cut

Athletes take their hairstyles very seriously, but perhaps not for the reasons that you would assume. While it is true that some professional athletes have hairstyles that are purposely over the top so that they can brand themselves – Troy Polamalu, the safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is a perfect example – the reality is that most athletes choose short hairstyles because they are simply more beneficial to their chosen line of work.

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long athlete hair
Athelete Hairstyle

Having long hair can be problematic when you are playing sports. In basketball, it just makes you much hotter than you would be otherwise, which could cause you to be dehydrated. In baseball, it could get in your face when trying to hit the ball or make a catch. In football, the other team could use it to tackle you, as has happened to Polamalu in the past. Therefore, having one of these short hairstyles is probably better, whether you are a professional or a student playing sports for the first time.

4 Hairstyles for Athletes

1. The Shaved Head. When you think about this style of haircut on an athlete, the first person that you probably think about is Michael Jordan. He made it famous when he played for the Chicago Bulls. Jordan shaved his head right down to a bald scalp every day. This allowed him to lose the most heat possible out of the top of his head, which was very helpful as he sprinted up and down the court all night long, bringing the Bulls to six NBA titles.



Shaved Head

2. The Buzz Cut. In some ways, the buzz cut is just a lazy way of shaving your head like Jordan. It is one of the short hairstyles that can be achieved in just minutes. You only need to use an electric razor or a beard trimmer. Most electric razors come with different gauges, so you could leave your hair a centimeter long or so. The buzz cut leaves more room for error than a truly shaved head, but it still allows your skin to breathe and keeps your hair out of your eyes.

3. The Mohawk. As far as short haircuts go, a simple mohawk will leave an impression. Forget the long, spiky haircuts worn by punk rockers. The athlete‘s mohawk is basically just like a buzz cut, but the sides are cut about a half an inch shorter than the middle. This also allows heat to escape your body, but it looks more impressive and intimidating. It will leave an impression, but it can fit easily under a football helmet.

4. The Crew Cut. This is one of the short haircuts that was made popular by the military. It is quite short, but not as short as the other hairstyles listed above. The hair near the front of the head is left a bit longer, and it is shaved shorter going down the sides and the back.

crew cut

Crew Cut



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