14 Striped Nails Anyone Can Try


Plain Jane nails are fine most of the time, but the solid colors can get pretty boring after a while. Striped nails are an easy and quick nail art design to try when you want to jazz up your nail routine.

Stripes running down the length of the nails can create the illusion of a little extra length. This is the more popular option when it comes to striped nail art. However. horizontal stripes—running across the nails—are also becoming a little more popular these days. The width of the stripes, from thin to thick, is a matter of personal preference. You can even vary the width of the stripes for a more unique look.

Check out these striped nail designs for some ideas for your own striped nails.

1. Pink and Silver Striped Nails

Shades of pink mix beautifully with black and silver in these cute striped nails!

striped nailsImage Source

2. Unique Striped Nail Art

This striped nail design is unusual and interesting!

striped nailsImage Source

3. Wide Horizontal Striped Red and Gray Nails

These horizontal striped nails would be super easy to recreate with a little nail art striping tape and some red and gray polish.

striped nailsImage Source

4. Horizontal Striped Peach Nails

Peach is a nice fun summery color, and mixes well with the white in these horizontal striped nails!

striped nailsImage Source

5. Thin Striped Horizontal Tips

Here’s a nice minimalistic modern striped nail art design to try!

striped nailsImage Source

6. Negative Space Striped Nail Art

Negative space nails are a chic little trend right now, and these negative space purple and blue stripes look spectacular!

striped nailsImage Source


7. Black and Pink Striped Nail Art

Start with a ink to white gradient and paint over nail art striping tape with back polish to recreate this look.

striped nailsImage Source

8. Striped Spring Colors Mani

How pretty are these striped nails in bright spring colors?

striped nailsImage Source

9. Single Gold Stripe Nails

A single glittery gold stripe down the length of the nail makes a gorgeous modern and glamorous nail art design!

striped nailsImage Source

10. Pink and Yellow Striped Nails

Contrasting colors like bright pink and yellow make eye catching striped nail art designs.

striped nailsImage Source

11. Pastel Striped Sharpie Nails

A handful of pastel Sharpie markers can be used to create a super pretty (and easy!) striped nail art design!

striped nailsImage Source

12. Colorful Striped Nails

Several different colored stripes really pop when accented with black and white stripes.

striped nailsImage Source

13. Roses and Stripes Nail Design

Striped accent nails make a nice addition to some rose nail art!

striped nailsImage Source

14. Striped Toenails

Finally, let’s not forget the striped toenails!

striped nailsImage Source


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