12 Ways to Wear a Scarf in Hair Styled Different Ways


Scarves have made a huge comeback in the fashion world in the past couple of years. There are scarves of all different colors, patterns, and styles to match every season and every fashion sense. Scarves are also very versatile accessories that can be worn multiple ways to enhance just about any outfit. They can be worn around the wrist, for instance, but many women also choose to wear them on their heads.

However, wearing a scarf the same old way every day can get a little boring. One fun way to mix it up a little is to wear a scarf in hair styled different ways. Not over the head like a regular headscarf, but actually a scarf in the hair incorporated into the different styles. A scarf can be wrapped u into a bun, used to embellish a style, or even woven into the hair as part of a braid.

If your looking for new ways to wear a scarf in hair styled different ways, look no further!

We’ve rounded up some of the cutest scarf in hair ideas and tutorials out there, so keep scrolling!

1. Scarf in a Ponytail

A long scarf tied around a ponytail with the ends trailing down makes for a feminine and slightly retro look.

scarf in hairImage Source

2. Scarf Wrapped Bun

Another fun way to wear a scarf in hair is to wrap it around a wide bun. It adds a sweet touch to a simple and classic updo.

scarf in hairImage Source

3. Scarf in Hair Buns

Add a scarf to your hair when you make a bun for a creative and unique look.

scarf in hairImage Source

4. Twisted Scarf in Hair Bun

Twisting the scarf and the hair separately before winding them into a bun also makes a great beach look!

scarf in hairImage Source

5. Hair Wrapped Scarf Headband

Tuck and wrap hair into and around the bottom of a scarf headband to keep hair away from your face and create a great summer ‘do! As an added bonus, your hair will be full of soft waves when you take it out.

scarf in hairImage Source

6. Side Braided Scarf in Hair

An increasingly popular way to wear a scarf in hair is to braid it into your hair. This simple side braided scarf in hair is an excellent example of that, and super easy to do!

scarf in hairImage Source

7. Scarf Braid With Bow

Start with a large bow at the top of the head and braid the rest of the scarf into your hair for a fun girly look.

scarf in hairImage Source

8. French Braided Scarf in Hair

Double a long scarf and weave it into your hair to give an ordinary French braid a wow factor!

scarf in hairImage Source

9. Headband Scarf Braid in Hair

Not sure what to do with the tail ends of your scarf headband? Weave them into your hair for a fun twist on a low side braid!

scarf in hairImage Source

10. Scarf Headband and Braided Side Bun

Why stop at just a side braided scarf in hair, though? Twirl it up into a cute little side bun.

scarf in hairImage Source

11. Braided Scarf pigtails

Or, weave the ends of a scarf into two braids on either side for a cute set of braided scarf pigtails to double your fun!

scarf in hairImage Source

12. Braided Scarf Headband

Scarf headbands are trendy, and braided headbands are classic. Combine both looks for a stylish and chic braided scarf headband!

scarf in hairImage Source

Did you get a little inspiration for your own scarf hairstyles? Take a little time to experiment with incorporating a scarf in hair styled different ways. You might be pleasantly surprised with the look, and you’ll be putting all of those scarves to good use!

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