12 Cool Fonts for Your Next Retro Design Project

rocket script

If you are a graphic designer, tattoo artist, or just an average Joe looking to spruce up some of your creative projects, it is always important to have a new group of cool fonts available at your disposal. Not only do they add new life to your existing designs, they can also open up your mind and allow you to explore avenues you’ve never thought about.

If you are ready to add a new spark into your design life, try downloading some of these fonts today. They all use a retro/vintage design that most clients today are asking for. The only downside to doing so is that they end up in your library and you never use them.

Shrewsbury-Condensed Bold

This Olde English font is very bold and black. It is also very legible and can be used in a multitude of cool designs.


Matchbook is a cool font because it is sleek, skinny and tall. It is available in both serif and sans-serif.


Bazar is a bold and blocky font that gives off a Spanish-influenced art deco vibe for your designs or tattoo fonts.

Embossed Black

This is a very traditional Olde English font that uses calligraphic lettering and very elegant swoops with lots of white space.

Seaside Resort

Another art deco font, Seaside Resort looks like it would be appropriate at a hotel at Miami Beach in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

seaside-resort (1)
Seaside Resort

Dirty Ames

This is a more modern take on the classic Olde English font that gets rid of any sense of royal backing and gives off more of a Cockney impression.


Dirty Ames


This cool font fits in on the cover of a 1950’s pulp crime novel just as well as it does a science fiction novel set in the 1960’s.

Upper East Side

Upper East Side is reminiscent of the fonts used by classic publication The New Yorker, and gives off a very elite New York aristocracy vibe.

Rocket Script

This font would look awesome if you are an architect and you need to find a way to make a neo 1950’s diner’s signage really come to life.

rocket script
Rocket Script

Fusty Saddle

This retro font takes you back to the wild west with its classic block lettering.

Ugly Qua

Ugly Qua is very self-deprecating and would work well for the cover of a modern satire book or other humorous publication.

Fontleroy Brown

This font is a good combination of Olde English and Upper West Side and is perfect for combining designs meant for high-class clients on both sides of the pond.

These retro fonts are great for projects that need a certain vintage feel, but they also go well with cool designs that need a juxtaposition of old-time values as well. Grab as many of these cool fonts as you can, because having a massive library of typefaces ensures that you won’t run into a block when working on your next project.


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