10 Free Photoshop Textures You Can‘t Live Without


The right Photoshop textures can improve the look and the overall impact of both photos and graphic design images. Suitable for logos, flyers, websites and printed graphic art, textures add interest and focus to fresh concepts and perk up tired old images at the same time. The Internet offers a vast array of free Photoshop textures for download but it can be a time-consuming task to search through all of the available offerings. A good texture arsenal includes a well-balanced variety of textures such as grungy, artistic, bold, vibrant and soft. To get started building your collection, consider downloading some of the following free Photoshop textures.

100 Free Textures for Design and Art

From wood to metal to all types of stone or rock, this assortment of 100 awesome Photoshop textures has something for everyone.

texture design
100 Free Textures

Go Grunge with Cool Dirty Textures

Use these rusty and dirty metal textures to create grungy works of art and trendy website designs.

dirty design
Cool Dirty Texture

Organic Plant-Based Photoshop Textures

It‘s well-known that the world is going green at a fast rate. Keep up with the flow by incorporating green, plant-based textures into your business designs or artwork.

plant texture
Organic Plant-Based

4 Free Sky Textures for Photoshop

Let the sky brighten up your design project with these free professional-quality Photoshop textures. The pack includes four separate textures for your convenience.

sky texture
4 Free Sky Textures

Old Paper Textures for a Vintage Look

Nothing says elegance like the look of old paper. The stains, the wrinkles, the tears and the creases combine to add a special allure to all kinds of projects. So realistic you can almost smell the paper and you can get them for free right here.


old paper texture
Old Paper Textures

Free Photoshop Textures from Graphic Mania

This free texture pack includes wall, sand, stone and grain textures plus more. These exclusive, high-quality textures are only available from the graphic professionals at Graphic Mania.

Free Photoshop Textures

Hair Textures, Yes, Hair Textures

You read it right, these are free Photoshop textures featuring hair. In high-resolution and so gorgeous you might find yourself wishing it were on your head instead of your computer.

hair texture
Hair Textures

Vintage Textures to Spice up Your Designs

This resource offers everything from vintage map textures to old floral wallpaper textures to ancient newspaper textures. With over 60 to choose from, you‘ll find yourself using these Photoshop textures time after time.

vintage texture
Vintage Textures

High-Quality Image-Based Textures

With Photoshop textures like peanut shells, skulls and paint brush strokes, you‘re sure to find everything you need to create stunning and artistic designs.

high quality
High-Quality Image-Based Textures

Get the Look of Peeling Paint

This website offers more than 30 free peeling paint texture resources. Rust, concrete and bold, vivid colors are just a few of the free Photoshop textures you will find at Design Beep. Download them all, or choose the ones that best meet your texture needs.

peeling paint
Peeling Paint



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