10 of the Best Free WordPress Themes for Photo Blogs


As a photographer, it is your mission to expose the world so that more people get to see and experience it. If you want this to happen, you have to give them access to your work in a clear and descriptive way. When you use cool designs found on the best free WordPress themes for photo blogs, you make yourself more visible and expose your work to the entire world.

Most of the following free premium WordPress themes use a responsive grid design that allows you to display your photos without much need for text or other unnecessary features. These WordPress themes are great for both PC and mobile users, with some of them being best experienced on iPads or other tablet devices.


This free premium WordPress theme for photographers features a sleek navigation and information menu to the side and a grid theme that allows users to view all of your available photos without having to click on anything.


For fashion photographers, Gleam is an excellent free premium WordPress theme that conveys a sense of drama for your work. It gives you ample background space to display high-res photos and a never-ending scroll design to keep your audience interested.



This is another WordPress theme that uses a minimalist, cool design to display your photos with ease. The side navigation menu is simple and full of cool fonts, while the grid system leads to different sections of your portfolio.


This is a fun, grid-based WordPress theme that combines your photos with solid color text descriptions in the boxes next to them. The top of the theme features a simple navigation header that allows users to get around with ease.



This design is loud and proud. IT gives you the opportunity to use one of your photos as a background while it reduces its transparency to allow your other work to shine in a grid-based layout.


Right Now

Right Now differs from the other grid-based layouts on this site and gives you a cool design to feature one high-res photo. It also gives you a side navigation bar with a header and social media links at the bottom of the page.


Nero is a bold theme that uses black fonts on a white background to create an extremely responsive grid design for displaying your photos. It is one of the best free WordPress themes for use on mobile devices.


Folo is fun and quirky. It uses a minimalist navigation at the top and separates your photos into cool columns so your all of your work is prominently displayed.



Sartana is a great sleek and professional free WordPress theme that is perfect to use if you are a business-minded photographer looking to woo corporate clients with your work.

Black & White

This is one of the best free WordPress themes that uses a filter to give your photos a dramatic black and white appearance.


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