10 of the Best Free WordPress Themes for News Websites


There is no time better than now to step away from the television and newspapers and create your own voice in the vast world of digital media. You don’t need a degree in journalism or any experience in web design, all you need is some of the best free WordPress themes to get started spreading the word. Talk about politics, sports, music, movies, fashion or anything else that you feel needs your voice. These cool designs can be customized to your liking to make sure they reach the target audience you are going after. Instead of just sitting back and letting others tell you what to think, download these free premium WordPress themes and let others know what’s really going on. Scroll down to check out this list of the best free wordpress themes for news websites.


This free premium WordPress theme is a great combination of old-school newspaper style combined with cutting-edge digital effects. The top navigation gives you tons of options for organizing site content and the bulk of the screen uses pictures to entice readers to click on stories.


Another old-school WordPress theme, Chronicle uses a minimalistic approach and places a heavy emphasis on both headlines and photos. The three-column design gives you space to separate main stories, secondary stories and word tags for optimal page views.


This is a clean and responsive WordPress theme that uses a two-column design for delivering news. The main photo features a slideshow that flips through your most relevant stories.



This free premium WordPress theme is similar to Avenue, but comes with seven pre-loaded widgets that allow you to focus your website on straight news stories, photo galleries or videos.


Newsroom is sleek and features a cool design with cool fonts to go along with it. It comes with a widget that allows readers to sort through stories based on popularity and date, and prominently displays one photo with a headline underneath.




This WordPress theme is highly-responsive and is great for producing an online magazine or showing off your work as a photographer/designer. It comes with several different layout options, styles, and customizable widgets that allow you to make your website your own.


This is another responsive WordPress theme that is great for setting up a news magazine or other media site. One of the best features is a 5-star review widget that allows your viewers to vote on your content and provide excellent feedback.


This WordPress theme uses cool fonts and highly contrasted content sections in order to deliver your stories. It is also a great free premium theme for creating your very own ecommerce platform.


Isabelle is a little more elegant than the traditional journalistic and magazine themes and is great if you are targeting an audience interested in fancier things like lifestyle articles.



ExtraNews uses a grid-based concept and brings your viewers all of the most cutting-edge stories in an easy to navigate and responsive layout.


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