10 of the Best Free WordPress Themes for 2013

Polar Media

If you are looking to spruce up your existing website, or looking to create one of your own, you should consider downloading one of the best free WordPress themes of the year. Most of these themes feature cool design aspects such as responsive design, minimalist structure and gallery views instead of traditional list views. If you haven’t updated the look of your site in a while, there is no reason not to give some of these best free WordPress themes a look. Maybe you will find something that will turn your online presence into a full-fledged interactive community.


This minimalist free premium WordPress theme is minimalist, responsive and allows you to place huge images on your website with an easy-to-use top-navigation for your visitors. The simplicity of it also allows you to change colors and themes with ease.


This is another simple, responsive and minimalist free premium WordPress theme that allows you to use large images. The best part of this theme is that you can display your own header and social media links directly at the top of your page.


If you are a photographer, filmmaker, designer or other kind of artist, Workality allows you ample room to display your projects in a grid format with short descriptions.



This is a cool design for those looking to display a single large image followed by detailed navigation and contact info at the very top of their page.


If you are looking for maximum control from your WordPress theme, Responsive is your best bet. This is the best free WordPress theme to use if you want to simply drag and drop your stuff into WordPress and easily display it



This is the perfect WordPress theme for creating your own custom portfolio. The grid format of this relies heavily on images and the top navigation makes finding your projects easy for users.


This theme uses a stylized grid-based system to display your photos and projects in a very professional manner. It is sleek and angular enough to work for those in the architecture, engineering, interior design or industrial design professions.



Shuttershot is a great free WordPress theme for photographers and graphic designers looking to add rich and vivid images to their website for prominent display. The top navigation of Shuttershot is transparent and allows you to gain the most effect out of the homepage image you decide to display.

Polar Media

Are you looking to start the next Huffington Post, TMZ or Drudge Report? You should probably install Polar Media as your next WordPress theme. This cool design features photos at the top with short descriptions, a sidebar with the photos and a traditional list that gives readers a short glimpse into what your stories are about.

Polar Media
Polar Media


Are you a designer looking to showcase your work, and only your work? If so, then Appliance is the minimalist dream you have been looking for.


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